Love at First Wildfox

I don’t consider myself to be particularly fashionable, I definitely lean more towards dressing for comfort over style – Ben says my wardrobe is made up of jumpers and jeans! But I recently made a purchase that seems to encompass both comfort and style, and is right up my street.

Behold, if you will, my first ever Wildfox jumper! It’s comfy, it’s cute and its oh, so soft.


It’s quite a bit more than I am used to paying for a jumper, but I had some birthday money left over that I hadn’t spent at IMATS, so I decided to treat myself. I got mine from ASOS for £99.
I am completely in love with it and cannot wait for the opportunity to wear it – it’s not exactly office wear!
What do you think of Wildfox jumpers, overpriced or worth the money? Do you own any?
~x Jenna

Wildfox Jumper purchased from ASOS

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