Video Catch Up

Hey guys! So with 2013 drawing to a close I have been thinking about my plans for the New Year and how I want to do things, in my life in general as well as on my YouTube Channel and this blog. I have been feeling somewhat pressured to get videos and posts up within certain time constraints (which I know I have completely put upon myself, but still…) So in a bid to lower my stress levels and to bring you guys better quality content I will be scaling back on how many videos and blog posts I will be putting up, for now at least. Instead of doing a blogpost to accompany each and every video on my channel I will instead be doing one blogpost per month with all of the videos I have put up in that month. A video catch up, if you will. I’m hoping that will then allow me to concentrate on creating quality content that will stand alone from my channel. That’s the plan anyway, so below you will find all of the videos that I haven’t blogged about up to the end of the year.

November Favourites
Want to know what I was loving in November?


November Empties
Want to know what I used up in November?

Christmas Tree Vlogging
I vlogged Ben and I getting our first Christmas Tree for our first home together.

Decorating Our Christmas Tree 2013
Watch Ben and I decorating our first Christmas Tree.

December Birchbox
Festive box design and glittery, party season appropriate products – watch to see what was in this months’ box.

All I Want For Christmas Tag
Fun Christmassy Tag.

What I Got For Christmas 2013
Sharing the merriment.

3 Year YouTubeversary Giveaway!
I’ve been making videos on YouTube for 3 years!! Let’s celebrate with a giveaway! (open until January 18th)

Top 5 Glitter Polishes for NYE
If you want to sparkle this party season check out my nail polish suggestions.

December Favourites & Empties
See what products I have been loving this month as well as which products I have used up.

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