Ikea Wishlist

ikea wishlist

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that at the end of this month I am finally going to be redecorating my girlcave! It hasn’t really been touched since we moved in and for my birthday (it was on Wednesday!) Ben said he would buy me the furniture that I want for my room – he’s such a good egg!

I already knew what I wanted to get for my room and most of it is coming from Ikea, so at the end of this month we will be taking a little trip to Lakeside to pick up all of the above hopefully!! The plan is to film the process and take you guys along with me so you can see the transformation but I thought it might be quite nice to share with you what I plan on getting and why ahead of time. That way if you have any suggestions or ideas I can take them into consideration before we go.

So moving clockwise from top left, first things first: the Malm dressing table – I know, I know, I’m such a cliché beauty blogger.. But this is popular for a reason! This will hold my favourite and most used makeup and the glass top means it will be easy to clean – perfect as my current desk is getting a little stained.

Expedit bookcase – this is where I’m planning on housing my “stock” of beauty products. Everything from cleansers and moisturisers, to bath salts and hair products. All these items are currently stored in my wardrobe but that thing is about to fall down. The plan is to rip that out and just have clothing rails in that area for all my clothes but that means all my beauty products will need a new home. This will easily fit everything I have and I’ll still have left over storage space.

Ribba picture ledge – these are technically little shelves that you use to lean your pictures up against the wall rather than hanging them but I saw someone on Pinterest had used them for holding beauty products and I thought it was a great idea. I plan on getting three of them and using them to store some of my favourite nail polishes. I just think these will look a little nicer than the clear nail polish racks that a lot of people have.

Expedit cube – I want to double check the measurements before I get this but I’m hoping it will fit in next to my door. This will give me more storage, and if I decorate the top with pretty things then it can also work as a different background for some of my videos.

Mulig clothes bar – a boring item I know, but it’s kinda essential. I mentioned above that I’m going to be getting rid of my old wardrobe as when we move it out of the way to paint the room I’m pretty sure it’s just going to fall to pieces. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe I thought I could utilise the space better and save myself some money by having an “open wardrobe” and just put up clothing rails. My wardrobe currently sits in a little nook in my room so I plan on having 2 rails (from Amazon) along the back with my tops and jumpers on the top rack and jeans, shorts etc on the bottom rack, but then I needed somewhere to hang my dresses as well. I wanted a rail that would come out from the back wall and stop part way along the side wall but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how I would do this. The only way I could think of was to have a pole installed from floor to ceiling for the clothing rail to attach onto but I didn’t really like the idea of that. Then one day, whilst browsing Pinterest again, I saw this Mulig rail. It’s perfect! It attaches to the wall and is extendable so you can have it any length you want.

Finally is the Billy bookcase – this one I’m not 100% sold on.. basically I need a shoe rack to go in my wardrobe area but I don’t want one with the slotted shelves as my heels will fall through the gaps. I want something that’s not too tall, with solid shelves, in white and doesn’t cost too much – is that too much to ask for? Apparently so as I have really struggled to find something that fits that description. This bookcase is the closest thing I have found but I feel like it’s too big and bulky, and won’t fit many pairs of shoes. If you have any suggestions please let me know!!

So that’s everything I plan on getting from Ikea.. I know it’s kind of hard to picture what I’m talking about from my descriptions but if you look back on my House Tour video from when we moved in you might get a slightly better idea. Along the wall where my window is I plan on having the Expedit bookcase, my Alex 9 drawer unit and then the Malm desk. On the opposite side of the room is the wardrobe. I’m going to be painting my room the same off-white shade we have in the living room and bedroom just to lighten everything up, which is also why I wanted white furniture.

Anyway, this has been a long enough post already! Make sure you are subscribed to my beauty channel if you want to come along for the ride when I redecorate my room and see how it turns out in the end.
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