Winter Work Wardrobe Wishlist

Try saying that title 5 times fast!!

My winter work wardrobe is seriously lacking now I’m in a less relaxed office (no more jeans and baggy jumpers for me!) So I took to the web to search out some office appropriate threads to keep me warm whilst still looking professional. Here’s what I found from my favourite store – H&M:

Work 1:
Top: Fine-knit Glittery Jumper £14.99
Bottom: Wraparound Skirt £19.99


Work 2:
Top: Patterned Knit Jumper £14.99
Bottom: Suit Trousers £24.99


*I love the look of jumpers with skirts so here is a selection. Some jumpers can be a little scratchy or too open knit sometimes so I like to layer a long sleeved top underneath to stay extra toasty*

Jumper Mix (clockwise from top left):
Jumper 1: Cable-knit Jumper £14.99
Jumper 2: Short Chenille Jumper £19.99
Jumper 3: Mohair Blend Jumper £24.99
Long Sleeve Top: Long-sleeve Jersey Top £7.99


Office Meeting:
Top: Beaded Blouse £19.99
Bottom: Wraparound Skirt £19.99
Jacket: Figure Fit Jacket £29.99
Accessory: Short Necklace £1.99


Mix & Match:
Top: Pima Cotton Top £7.99
Top: Jersey Top £6.99
Skirt: Pencil Skirt £14.99
Bag: Leather Shoulder Bag £59.99


*All skirts to be worn with cosy fleecy tights obviously 😉 *

Mix & Match Skirts (left to right, top to bottom):
Dog-toothed Patterned Skirt £19.99
Knee-length Skirt £14.99
Twill Skirt £7.99
Patterned Skirt £19.99
Pencil Skirt £7.99


Shoes! (left to right, top to bottom):
Ballet Pumps £7.99
Court Shoes £29.99
Leather Court Shoes £29.99
Ballet Pumps £7.99
Boots £29.99
Leather Court Shoes £29.99

With most of these items being quite neutral you can mix and match to your hearts desire and get multiple looks from a minimum of pieces. I favourite picks would be the wraparound and twill skirts, the basic jersey tee and the court shoes! Let me know which items you like in the comments =)

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