Currently Reading… Long Overdue Update

You may remember a post I did nearly a year ago (jeez, has it really been that long?!) called Currently Reading… where I talked about, surprisingly enough, what book I was currently reading. I had planned on making it a regular post and aimed to read a book a month. Well life kind of got in the way, as it usually does, and I haven’t kept up with that series but I’m back today to give you a little update.

The book I was originally reading was Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy and unfortunately I can’t say that I’ve finished it yet… I’m about two thirds of the way through, but I got too busy to read for a while and then haven’t had the inclination to pick it up again and finish it yet.
Instead I’ve moved onto 3 other books.. Yes, you read that right, I’m currently in the middle of reading 3 books. The first is Insurgent by Veronica Roth, the 2nd book in the Divergent series. I whizzed through the first book and loved it and when I saw Insurgent at the cinema a couple of months ago it sparked my interest to keep reading the series. I actually have this series on my phone so a few times a week I will read a chapter of it whilst on my lunch break at work. I’m really liking this series so far, it just seems to pull me along and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the end.

The other 2 books I’m reading are interlinked. I’d started reading 50 Shades of Grey after seeing the film at the cinema and loved it. Once again, life got in the way and I didn’t have time to read, but just recently E.L. James came out with a new book entitled Grey, which is a re-telling of the story from Christian’s perspective. These kinds of books always intrigue me as I like seeing other sides of the same story. So I picked it up and couldn’t put it down… It was only because my friend told me I had to finish reading the first 3 books first or I’d ruin it, that made me put Grey on hold and carry on with 50 Shades – strangely enough where I’d left off in Grey was where I picked back up in 50 Shades. I’ll admit the writing itself isn’t so great but I love the storyline so much that I can overlook that!


So, my reading “to do” list: Finish reading Insurgent, the 50 Shades Of Grey series as well as Grey and then finish off the Bridget Jones book. Knowing me that will probably last me til Christmas but if you have any recommendations of books you think I would like, please leave them in the comments.


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