Review: Kérastase Cristalliste Lait Cristal

Kerastase Cristallise Lait Cristal Review haircare treatment thegirlinspired

Of all the Kérastase products I’ve tried from various beauty boxes, not that I’ve tried a whole lot, I’ve not rated any of them until now.. In the last My Little Box that I received back in May the Kérastase Lait Cristal was included and I was very meh about it. Like I said, I’d not rated any I’d tried previously and didn’t hold out any hope for this one either, so it sat in my beauty cupboard for a couple of months.

Well, the shampoo and conditioner I’m currently trying to use up has been quite drying on my hair and I’ve decided to mix in deep conditioners to hopefully help improve the look and feel of my hair. With that in mind I dove into my hair stash and decided I might as well give this Kérastase one a try, and if it was no good I could get rid of it so it no longer took up valuable space on my haircare shelf.

Now I never normally blow dry my hair as typically I’ll wash my hair in the evening and let it air dry overnight. But I was feeling lazy one night so ended up washing my hair the next morning which meant I needed to blow dry it before heading off to work for the day. So I’m not sure if it was just this product, or maybe a combination of that plus the blow drying but Oh My God my hair felt so soft and silky, and with a body to it that I have missed in recent times.

Kerastase Cristallise Lait Cristal Review haircare treatment thegirlinspired

This rinse out conditioner is more on the thin side, so even whilst applying it I didn’t think it would do anything for my poor dry, damaged hair. But the thinness means it’s a really weightless formula which left my hair bouncy and, as promised on the packaging, free-flowing and silky.

I don’t know if this will be a long lasting effect or if the results are just surface level, but it’s the first time I’ve been impressed by any product from Kérastase so I will actually be using this one up rather than just getting rid of it for a change.

Have any of you tried anything from Kérastase  What did you think? Do you have a holy grail hair product you would recommend from the brand?

Available from Amazon for £8.95

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