Journal Prompt #1 – Crossroads

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I’m currently a little bit obsessed with Kayla over at MicroscopeBeauty, and whilst scrolling through her old lifestyle blog I stumbled across a series of “journal prompt” posts that were really interesting. Kayla got the prompts from SometimesSweet and I thought I would steal the idea as I figured it would be a good way to open up and make my blog a little more personal. So here we go with the first entry (feel free to leave your own response in the comments or post a link to your post, I’d love to see everyone else’s thoughts on these topics)

Everyone has a time in their life they view as a crossroad. Sometimes you can see it as it;s happening, and you’re able to choose one way or another. Other times you may not realise you’re there until you look back, and see what a turning point it really was. This week, write about a time you view as a marker in your life; a distinct place where things changed, for better or worse.

To travel or stay and secure a permanent job. That was my crossroad about 5 years ago. It took me a little while to realise it was a crossroad because now it’s just a part of my history, a series of events that led me to where I am now, and I have to remind myself that I did have a choice. I could have chosen the other option and life might look different right now. Then again, it might not.

At the time I had been working for 8 months, in a job I enjoyed, as a temp. I wanted to be kept on permanently but that wasn’t an option. Around that time my boyfriend, Ben, finished the contract he was working on and got a rather nice payout. It’d been his dream for a while to go travelling, so with this extra money burning a hole in his pocket he asked me if I would go see the world with him. Of course I said yes! I believe it was the very next day my employer told me they would be able to offer me a permanent position…

To cut a not-so-interesting story short, I decided to travel, figuring it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that wasn’t likely to come around again for a long time, if at all. So off we went! We had an amazing time and as luck would have it, by the time we got back to England, there was another job opening at my old company and a couple of weeks later I was back in employment, doing the same job I had loved before I left.

If I had decided not to travel who knows what direction my life would have taken. Maybe I would be further along in my career by now, maybe I’d be exactly where I am. But I do know that my relationship would have been very different. On that trip Ben proposed to me, and since then we have bought a house together. People told us that being pretty much constantly together for 6 months and relying on each other for everything would make or break us, and I’m happy to say that it brought us closer together.

I’m glad I chose to travel and got to experience so many beautiful places, and glad it made my relationship stronger. I’m equally glad that I was able to come back to a job I loved, working with some lovely people that I can now call close friends.

Is there a moment in your life that you can pick out as a crossroad? Tell us about it in the comments!

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