Lush Five Gold Rings Review

lush five gold rings holiday christmas review thegirlinspired

Five Gold Rings is the second of my Lush Holiday Product Reviews, you can see my first one on Snow Angel here. With this one you get five individual orange rings, covered in gold glitter and threaded onto a piece of orange string, all for £4.95. These are bubble bars, so you just need to break a ring off of the string and crumble it under running water to give you soft, fluffy bubbles and golden yellow water with gold glitter flecks floating throughout.

Five Gold Rings is scented with vanilla, tonka and gardenia, and due to the size of the rings it’s not an overpowering scent.  It actually smells a lot like the Vanilla Fountain ballistic Lush used to do, but softer.

Speaking of size, these rings are a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be. I wish they were ever-so-slightly bigger as they don’t quite give me enough bubbles for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, there’s enough to cover the surface of my bath, but I feel like if they were bigger, the bubbles would hang around for a bit longer before dissolving.

I do really like the format of these individual bubble bars as one product though. You could say I’m a lazy bather – if adding products into my bath involves too much work I tend not to bother, that’s why I’ve favoured the ballistics more recently! The fact that Five Gold Rings is already portioned out into individual baths just makes for easier use. Otherwise you have to either section them out yourself (which I’ve found sometimes requires the use of a knife and is just a bit too much hassle for me – like I said, lazy!), or you wind up having just one, more expensive, bath!

This wasn’t quite as moisturising as I would have liked but it was nice all the same and I probably would repurchase it if Lush comes out with it again next year, just because they are so easy to grab and go!

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lush five gold rings holiday christmas review thegirlinspired

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