Lush Snow Angel Review

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

Lush is one of my favourite things at this time of year. The weather gets colder, the evenings are darker, and all I want to do is lay back and relax in a nice warm Lush bath. If you saw my last haul over on my YouTube channel you’ll know I picked up a few of their holiday goodies, and I figured I would review each of them individually over here…

I’m starting off with Snow Angel as it’s the one my skin craved most. This is a bath melt, so for those of you that aren’t aware what that means, once you’ve run your bath you pop this into the water and it melts into the most silky, moisturising bath you could hope for. This one in particular contains Fair Trade cocoa butter to seriously soften and hydrate your skin, and a blend of cassie absolute, rose absolute and benzoin resinoid to subtly scent the water. This actually smells a lot like Lush’s Snowcake soap.

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

The bottom half of this melt is the buttery side which will transform your tub into a luxurious oil-bath, perfect for dry skin. The top half is more like a bath ballistic formula that fizzes up and creates a foamy froth on the top of the water. The top half also has the cute angel design whilst the bottom is covered in glitter, turning your bath into a glimmering haven.

This would be a good bath melt to have closer to Christmas time when you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed and frazzled, and just need a little “me time” with something inoffensive but pretty.

Available from Lush – £3.95

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

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