Lush Yog Nog Review

Lush Yog Nog Bath Ballistic Bomb Review thegirlinspired

This is the least Christmassy bath of the one’s I’ve tried so far, so if you’re not into the all-out festivities, you might still be interested in Yog Nog (£3.95) To start off with, this is one of Lush’s bath ballistics. With these you just pop them into your bath once it’s full and watch them fizz up. Sometimes they fizz up quickly, but Yog Nog was slow to fizzle and had a couple of surprises for me…

The first surprise was that it turned my water a lime yellow colour – totally NOT what I was expecting! Given the yellow and white exterior I assumed this would add a diluted yellow hue to my water. The other surprise was that there were full on sticks of butter inside! Shea butter that is, not the regular kind you spread on toast obviously, but it did surprise me to find such big sticks of it. Usually when Lush have cocoa or shea butter in a product they are much, much smaller chunks which enables them to melt quickly into your water. The butter in this particular ballistic took quite a while to fully melt but my bath did become wonderfully moisturising, which I really needed – has anyone else’s skin become suddenly very dry?

Yog Nog has a lovely, subtle toffee scent that isn’t overly foodie, and a silvery lustre, which is my favourite kind of bath shimmer as you aren’t left covered in glitter! In general this is a nice bath, as long as the lime yellow water doesn’t put you off!

Lush Yog Nog Bath Ballistic Bomb Review thegirlinspired

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