Lush Bar Humbug Review

Lush Bar Humbug Bubble Bar Review bath holiday christmas thegirlinspired

When I heard Lush had come out with their holiday selection I got online at the earliest possible opportunity and made a wish list of all the things I wanted to pick up. My wish list was a bit long in the end so I only ended up grabbing a select few but this one was at the top of my list (almost, nothing can replace Cinders in my heart!) The Comforter is one of my year-round favourites so when I saw Bar Humbug looked very similar with it’s swirly pattern, only purple and sparkly (!) I knew I had to have it.

All that being said, when I saw it in person I was a little bit disappointed. It still looks very pretty, all white and purple and silver glitter, but it’s so small compared to The Comforter! Of course the size is reflected in the price so it’s not all bad news, but I split this in half and used it in 2 baths whereas I feel like it would have been better all in one.

If you’re familiar with Lush’s bubble bars you could probably guess that this creates big, fluffy bubbles and turns the waters a pinky purple. The glitter is just an outer overly and doesn’t cover your tub in glitter so if that’s a concern don’t let that put you off. Bar Humbug contains bergamot, fennel and tarragon oils and Lush’s website describes it as having a liquorice scent. To me it smelled quite like their Dragons Egg bath bomb which smells like sherbet – maybe that’s just a weird association I’ve created thanks to the liquorice and sherbet sweets from my childhood?!

Lush Bar Humbug Bubble Bar Review bath holiday christmas thegirlinspired

Anywho, this bubble bar was much like Yog Nog in the sense that it was nice enough but not really all that special, and I won’t be running out to grab a few more before they leave the shelves in January. I’ll probably just stick with The Comforter.

Available from Lush for £3.65

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