Lush The Magic Of Christmas Review

The Magic Of Christmas Lush Reusable Bubble Bar Review bath thegirlinspired

This one has snuck it’s way into my festive Lush reviews as it was given to me by a friend recently. The Magic Of Christmas is a reusable bubble bar, so it creates bubbles, as you might imagine, but rather than crumbling it under a running tap, you swish it through the water with the help of the handy stick it comes attached to.

The stick in this case is a cinnamon stick, which smells amazing. Combine that with the clove in the bar itself, and the cosy orangey colour it turns the water, and you have something that’s quite similar to Cinders – which if you haven’t guessed by now is my favourite thing from Lush and they’ll be a review of it up on Monday (saved the best til last)!
Because of the way these bars are formulated, once you’ve swished and swirled them around in your water, you can just pop them on the side of your tub to dry and be used again in another bath. My only issue with this one was that it didn’t really create many bubbles, so instead I held it under my running tap. I’m not sure if that’s a common problem with these, or if my particular bar was “defective”, but if you have the same issue you might want to try what I did.
The Magic Of Christmas Lush Reusable Bubble Bar Review bath thegirlinspired
Overall it was a lovely bath and I can’t get enough of that scent – Lush need to bring it out in shower gel form! Although it’s not quite as strongly scented as Cinders, you do get multiple baths out of it, so I’ll let it off. Plus it looks super cute and adds a little bit of fine gold glitter to your water, what more could you ask for?!
Available from Lush for £5.95

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