Hangover Beauty Tips

Hangover beauty tips, makeup when you're sick, beauty tips

Hangover beauty tips, makeup when you're sick, beauty tips(image via)

I’ve not been well recently, and although I’m still not 100% just yet, it’s time for me to rejoin the land of the living. Although I don’t want to bother with a full face of makeup, I like to wear a little bit of it to help me look (and feel) a bit better. It occurred to me that this same approach can be used when dealing with a hangover, and with National Margarita Day approaching, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my simple beauty tips to get you through the day after, whether you’re suffering through a hangover, or have just been ill like me.

Hangover Beauty Tips…

6.30am: Shower. I always feel a bit better once I’m scrubbed and clean. Use an uplifting and invigorating scent like eucalyptus or lemon to wake up your mind whilst you’re in the steamy confines of your bathroom.

7.30am: Get Ready. If you’re anything like me, everything seems to take so much longer when you’re not at full strength, so the last thing I want to be doing is putting on a full face of makeup. On days like this I either skip foundation all together, or go for something light like a BB Cream, Garnier’s Original BB Cream is my go-to. A touch of concealer under the eyes to disguise those bags, and a dash of mascara makes you look awake. I like Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Concealer as it has apricot tones to cancel out under-eye bags, and Maybelline’s Waterproof Lash Sensational is a great smudge-proof mascara. Finally a little bit of a brighter lipstick to add some colour to my no doubt pale complexion. Lip stains like Revlon’s Balm Stains are my favourite as they’re so easy to apply, don’t dry out my lips and leave a little colour behind that lasts all day, even after the balm has worn off. I’m really not a hair person, so generally I’ll spritz my hair with some dry shampoo (Bastiste FTW!), and if it’s looking particularly bad I’ll chuck it up into a messy bun or ponytail.

10am: Water. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. This helps whether you’re hungover or just plain ill. Your body is dehydrated and needs all the water it can get, so make sure to drink plenty of it all day long.

1pm: Lunchtime! This may not be the healthiest, but my secret hangover cure is a bowl of cheesy pasta. If you can, get outside for a little bit of fresh air. It will help wake up brain for the afternoon and make you feel a little less groggy.

3pm: Snack. Have some veggies or a piece of fruit, I like to eat an orange. The zingy scent will freshen things up and the vitamins and minerals will help with getting you back to your healthy self again.

10pm: Bedtime. It might make you feel like a grandma, but getting an early night will do wonders for you as the body repairs itself best whilst you sleep. Drinking alcohol or being ill can make your skin drier than usual, so I like to apply a moisture mask overnight, like this one from Avene, to help combat that. After an early night you’ll wake up the next morning feeling much more refreshed, and with softer and brighter skin too!

So they are my hangover beauty tips! For more hangover tips, check out this post from Casper or their Hangover Tips Pinterest Board to help you in more ways than just sleeping with their mattresses, and if you have any tricks for helping you through a hangover or getting over an illness, share them in the comments below!

Hangover beauty tips, makeup when you're sick, beauty tips

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