February & March Traffic & Income Report

February & March Traffic & Income Report

I feel a little silly writing this post cause the truth is, after being full of good intentions in January’s Report, I kinda lost all motivation and inspiration to blog and so didn’t actually do anything. I know I said that one of my goals was to take a break from posting, which I did, but I still feel strange doing a traffic and income report when I don’t really have anything to report. There are a couple of things worth mentioning though, so I’ll give you a quick run down of these past couple of months then show you the stats of where I am now, and follow up with a goal update. So here goes:

February & March Traffic & Income Report

February & March

Well, I guess I’ll start with briefly mentioning my content break – it was much needed as I’ve been going through a few things, so it was nice not to have to stress over coming up with content ideas and finding the time to type up posts and take the corresponding pictures (not to mention all the promo that goes alongside all that as well!). I have been starting to get back into posting regularly and I’m hoping to be able to continue without putting too much pressure on myself. At the beginning on February I attended Morgan’s (from MostlyMorgan.com) webinar on blogging tips. It was so informative that when she offered a course on her blogging strategies, promotion tricks and monetisation tips, I didn’t hesitate to purchase. Unfortunately Morgan had a few things come up and was unable to continue launching the course, but I already picked up loads of ideas from what she had launched so far. She will be re-releasing the course once she gets settled in New York and I would definitely recommend you keep an eye out for it when she does.

I added a couple of ads to my site – one above the fold (meaning it’s viewable on the page when someone clicks onto your site, without them having to scroll), and one in my side bar, near the top. Nothing groundbreaking to report but it’s early days still.

One thing I have noticed, and you’ll see that reflected in the stats a little bit, is social media growth. In March I started to tweet a little more, nothing much, just bits and pieces from my day, and my Twitter followers have definitely gone up as a response. Now, I’ll say it again, I’m a very teeny tiny fish in a huge ocean, so my numbers are still minuscule, but considering I’ve been hovering around that 300 followers mark for several months now, the fact its gone up as much as it has in the space of about a week or two just goes to show that the more I post, the more people will see and the more followers I’ll get. All common sense I know, but it’s nice seeing it reflected in the numbers. I’ve also been continuing to pin, both my content as well as others, and have noticed more followers and repins. Speaking of Pinterest, another thing I did was tidy up my page a bit. I’ve made any boards that aren’t related to my content private (so I can still pin to them, my followers just can’t see them), and I rearranged the remaining boards so the most relevant are now at the top. This way, when people come to my page they know what I’m about, what my content is about, and will hopefully follow me for more of the same.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you, but this little bit of extra income will help me to maintain this blog and make it as good as it can be. Thanks for your support!

The Numbers

February & March Traffic & Income Report

February & March Traffic & Income Report

  • Pageviews – 472 (February) 518 (March)
  • Bounce Rate – 82.48% (February) 82.70% (March)

After January my page views dropped again, but are starting to increase now I’m posting again. At this point, I really can’t just leave my blog to it’s own devices and expect people to visit it, I have to go out and grab their attention.

February & March Traffic Sources

February & March Traffic & Income Report

Referral Traffic Sources

February & March Traffic & Income Report

You can see that Pinterest is now featuring as my 2nd highest referral sources, which I am very happy about! Most of the blogposts, courses, ebooks and webinars I’ve been consuming have been all about using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. I’m not doing anything particularly crazy, just trying to make sure that when I put up a new post I pin it to my “main” board, and from there I repin it to a few other group boards (by way of Boardbooster). Let me know if you want me to go into more detail about how/why I do this as well as how I use Boardbooster.

Social Media Stats

  • Pinterest – 557 (February) 598 (March) (+27 from Jan to Feb / +41 from Feb to March)
  • Twitter – 305 (February) 317 (March) (+1 from Jan to Feb / +12 from Feb to March)
  • Instagram – 413 (February) 419 (March) (+4 from Jan to Feb / +6 from Feb to March)

All social media stats are on the up this month, so I’m pleased about that. The trick is to use each of them little and often, which is easier said than done when you have a full time job and can’t keep using your phone throughout the day! I’ve heard Buffer is good for scheduling tweets but I never know what to schedule.. Maybe I’ll look into that more in the future.


  • Adsense – £0.02 (February) / £0.04 (March)

Really nothing to write home about at this point, but nice to see my income has doubled from February to March! lol


None again this month. I did pay for Morgan’s blogging course but she refunded me when she was unable to continue with it.

February & March Income Report

Income – £0.06

Expenses – £0.00

Net Income – £0.06

Top 5 Posts


Previous Goals:

  • Take a step back from creating new content – check!
  • Improve the SEO of at least 25% of my previous posts – check!

Goals for April:

  • Get back to posting at least one new post a week

The opposite of my January goal! After my nearly 2 month break I’m doing a 180 and getting back into posting on a regular basis. My goal will be at least one post a week for now. Hopefully at some point in the future I can get myself on a better schedule and put up more content for you.

  • Grow Pinterest followers from 598 to 700

I’m not sure if this one is a bit ambitious (given that we are already nearly halfway through the month..) but I want to see if I can get my Pinterest followers up to 700 through continuing to pin my own content as well as other content that interests me.

  • Continue increasing Twitter followers

I’m not going to set an amount for this, I just want to continue seeing an increase rather than a decrease or static number.


I’ve got a long road ahead of me before I start seeing any real income from this blog, so it’s a good thing I actually enjoy blogging and am not just in it for the money! If you have a blog, connect with me over on Twitter or in the comments, I’d love to chat with other content creators and share tips and stories.

February & March Traffic & Income Report

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