May Wrap Up – Books I’ve Read

May Wrap Up books reading the miracle morning cinder lunar chronicles allegiant divergent series

May Wrap Up books reading the miracle morning cinder lunar chronicles allegiant divergent series

If you saw my BookTube blogpost a couple of months ago you’ll know that I’ve started getting back into reading. A couple of weeks ago I did my first Wrap Up and TBR over on my YouTube channel but decided that going forward I would do the monthly Wrap Ups over here and include my thoughts on each of the books I’ve finished reading each month. So without further ado, here is my May Wrap Up:

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

May Wrap Up books reading the miracle morning

To be honest, this book reads a little bit like a sales pitch, however the principles of The Miracle Morning are good. The idea behind it is that you get up an hour earlier than you would normally and participate in 6 activities for 10 minutes each. These activities include exercising, reading and visualisation, and are designed so you can work on your self development first thing in the morning before life has a chance to feed you excuses for why you can’t/don’t have time to do them. The book also covers how you can adjust the timings to fit into your life, even giving an example of a 6 minute Miracle Morning routine if you’re really rushed off your feet – and lets face it, who can’t wake up 6 minutes earlier?! It might not seem like enough time to really make a difference, but over time these activities add up and lead to you cultivating a much more productive morning routine and habit.Hal also provides tips for getting up early and prepping yourself for success. I like the idea behind it and on the days when I actually do TMM I do notice an improvement in my focus productivity, energy levels and mood. I do wish I had just borrowed this book from the library though, as I can’t see myself referring back to it all that often.

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

May Wrap Up books reading cinder lunar chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles series is loosely based off of classic fairytales, Cinder being Cinderella. In this version, Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who is drawn to the handsome Prince Kai whilst trying to escape out from under her stepmother in a world riddled with plague. It took me a little while to get into this book as the story was a little slow to start and it took some getting used to the world this is set in, however I was surprised when it ended as suddenly as it did and I couldn’t wait to pick up the next book (which I’m currently about halfway through – you can hear more about what I’m planning on reading in June in my June TBR video which will be up in a few days time. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss it!).

Allegiant – Veronica Roth

May Wrap Up books reading allegiant divergent series

This is the third and final book in the Divergent series. I’ve really enjoyed these books although it did take longer than expected to finally finish it. Allegiant switches back and forth between Tris and Tobias’ perspectives and I think I was just struggling to keep up with who’s I was reading. I made a concerted effort last week to finish the final instalment and I was not disappointed, no spoilers but for some reason I was really shocked by the ending, even though it was very much in keeping with the characters. All in all, a very good read and I can now finally watch the film! I don’t like to read and watch the same story at the same time as it always leaves me disappointed with one version or the other.


So that’s my May Wrap Up, what books have you been reading recently? Let me know in the comments your recommendations and follow me on Goodreads if you want to keep up with what I’m currently reading.

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