Wedding Craziness

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The wedding craziness has begun…

Back in February, when Ben and I first decided to get married this year, I had an initial hit of stress worrying that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off on such short notice. Anything wedding related tends to get booked up pretty far in advance, but as luck would have it, and with our wedding being mid-week, all of our first choice vendors have been available. After we’d picked the vendors and booked things in everything seemed to calm down and I felt like everything was coming together nicely and the wedding was practically sorted.

Well, with only 2 months to go the wedding craziness has got a second wind and I’m feeling more than a little frazzled and overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that my lovely fiancé decided that we would basically completely redo our kitchen the first weekend of July… I’m talking all new units, work surfaces and appliances. We’re having to move the layout around a bit to accommodate a dishwasher (which is what started this whole ordeal), and re-tiling the walls. He’s even taking the ceiling down and having it re-plastered so we can finally have some decent lighting fitted! I’m currently sat amid boxes full of plates and things like couscous and quinoa, whilst our existing kitchen is being dismantled in preparation for the new one going in next weekend.

But back to the wedding craziness: we met with the venue for the second time earlier this week with a view of being able to get a few more bits sorted and feeling more organised about the whole thing, only we actually came away with an even bigger to do list! Some of the things the venue pointed out need to get sorted ASAP but I have no idea when I’ll have time to fit them in as I am stacked out things to do at the moment. I desperately need to buy my wedding shoes as well as I’ve got my dress fitting towards the end of July and obviously need to wear the shoes so the lady knows how much the dress needs to be taken up, but I haven’t even looked at any shoes yet!

The bar situation is another urgent one – we thought the venue would be able to sort that out for us, but after having a chat with them it seems we have to organise it ourselves. So now it’s a mad dash to find a company that is available in 2 months time and is within our budget. Other things we need to sort are the hire of the tables, chairs and linens, decide on the wording for the actual ceremony and if we want any readings, as well as the music for the ceremony – apparently you need 3 pieces of music and I only had 1 in mind! Also, certain vendors are starting to want to be paid now so there’s all of that to do.

wedding craziness, wedding planning

Everything’s just a bit hectic and at this point I really need a holiday but even the honeymoon is up for discussion at the moment. We’d decided we would have one and were hoping to grab a late deal, but I was going over our finances the other night and I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford it. Which sucks because I normally shy away from holidays as I hate flying, so the fact that I really wanted to go away somewhere lovely and hot was a big deal for me. Who knows, maybe in a months time when things have (hopefully) calmed down a bit we can re-evaluate and see where we stand with regards to the honeymoon. In any case I think I need to book myself in for a massage stat!

I’m sure everything will turn out lovely in the end (or so everyone keeps telling me!), I just don’t know how I’m going to find the time to plan it all to ensure it does! My advice to anyone that’s engaged and thinking they have plenty of time so don’t need to think about planning just yet is: Don’t Wait! Get everything planned, organised and booked as soon as possible, even if your wedding is a year+ away. That way you can just enjoy the build up of excitement to the big day, rather than having that excitement tainted with stress and pressure that could potentially lead to arguments between you and your other half.

Wish me luck with the kitchen and wedding planning, and if you have any advice, whether that be for the wedding or relationships in general, time management or coping with stress, PLEASE leave it in a comment or tweet me – I would really appreciate it!

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