project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas

Finish 6 x Christmas – Project Pan

project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas

If you follow my YouTube Channel then you’ll know I’ve taken to doing a few Project Pans this year. In case you haven’t been following along and don’t know what project pan is, basically it’s where you pick a certain number of items to try and finish up (or hit pan on). There are a variety of different ways you can go about doing a project pan, but the general idea is to try and use up your existing makeup before you go out and buy more. That way you get your money’s worth and the products don’t go bad before you really get some use out of them.

It’s not for everyone, I don’t believe I have ever completed a project pan in it’s entirety, but the beauty of it is that even if you don’t reach your goal you will have still got a decent amount of use out of your chosen products, perhaps rediscovered a past love and maybe even gotten creative and found new ways to use old favourites.

I am currently in the middle of doing Pan That Palette (where you focus on using up one palette for the year), if you want to see more on that you can catch my latest update here. I have also just finish a seasonal project pan challenge called Finish 5 by Fall – to see how I got on with that you can watch this video. Today, I’m going to be embarking on a new seasonal panning project called Finish 6 by Christmas – as the name suggests, I am going to be attempting to use up 6 items from my makeup collection by December 25th. These are my picks:

Rimmel BB Cream Matte in Light

I have maybe a quarter of this base product left and just want to move it out of my collection before it goes bad. I actually really like this BB cream but somewhere along the way must have been enticed by a new foundation product and this got pushed to the back of my drawer.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Light Matte

project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas, the body shop, honey bronzer, bronzer

Again, not a lot left on this either (you’ll notice a trend here..). This is quite light on my skin, which makes it a great contour in the winter months when I’m a bit paler so I’m hoping I can get it used up by layering it whilst I still have a bit of my honeymoon tan left.

ELF Blush in Candid Coral

project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas, elf, candid coral, blush

An oldie but a goodie. I have had this one for years and keep going back to it every so often as it looks so pretty and glowy. I have a couple of other blushes in similar shades so I want to finish this one up rather than let it go to waste and end up having to throw it out.

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas, mac, paint pot, soft ochre, eye base, cream eyeshadow

Another product I’ve had for a while. These take ages to use up, so I guess that makes them good for the money, but cream products weren’t designed to that long, at least not without potentially causing irritation and/or infections. With this one I just want to hit pan on it, I am under no delusions that I can finish this up in 3 months!

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara

I got this in a beauty box a while back, and although I do like it, it’s a very subtle mascara. I prefer something a lot bolder day-to-day, but I thought I could finish this by using it as a bottom lash mascara as the wand is so small. So that’s my plan.

Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush

project pan, panning, seasonal challenge, finish 6 x christmas, 6 x xmas, boots, seventeen, supreme shine lipstick, lipstick, barely blush, pink lipstick

Those of you that have been following my panning journey will know how I have struggled to finish this lipstick!! I thought I was going to do it in my last challenge but alas no, it’s still going strong. It’s a creamy, easy to wear pink and can be doubled up as a cream blush, but I’m getting a bit bored with it now. Fingers crossed I can get this moved out by Christmas!

You’ll notice that most of these products I’ve already used quite a lot of, that is intentional. For this challenge I wanted to move out some things that have been sat around for a while almost used up. I don’t like to waste product, and in theory they should be fairly quick and easy to move out (she says glaring at the lipstick) so that I can get on with using other products without feeling guilty that these ones are being neglected. Feel free to join me on this seasonal project pan and let me know how you’re getting on in the comments, or tag me on Instagram. I’ll be posting monthly to update you all with my progress!


Current Makeup Basket July, Everyday Makeup, thegirlinspired

Current Makeup Basket – July 2016

Current Makeup Basket July,  Everyday Makeup, thegirlinspired

Oh the good ole current makeup basket – it makes getting ready in the mornings a doddle. No rooting around in my collection trying to figure out what I want to use because I have a full face of makeup products sat on my dressing table ready and waiting for me. I used to do these posts weekly, but with doing my Finish 5 By Fall Project Pan and Pan That Palette I’ve been sticking to the same products for a while now. I also just enjoy using these products and like the look they give me. So without further ado, here is my current makeup basket:

Current Makeup Basket July,  Everyday Makeup, thegirlinspired

There’s a couple of products in that line up I wouldn’t necessarily wear on a day to day basis if I wasn’t trying to use them up, but this combination has been working pretty well for me. What’s in your current makeup basket?

Current Makeup Basket July,  Everyday Makeup, thegirlinspired

Weekly Makeup Basket

Weekly Makeup Basket

Weekly Makeup Basket

If you guys have been following my blog or YouTube channel for a while, you might be aware that I do a weekly makeup basket. Basically, all that means is I go through my makeup collection and decide which products I want to use for that week and place them all in a little basket on my desk. This makes getting ready in the morning so much quicker and easier because I don’t have to hunt through my collection trying to decide what to wear each day. It’s also helpful if there are certain items that I’m trying to use up, like when I’m doing a Project Pan for example.

I always give myself a couple of options in one area, just so I don’t get too bored with using the exact same things every day. So one week I might give myself a couple of different lip colour options, the next I might include an eyeshadow palette so I can switch up my looks a bit throughout the week. This is great if, like me, you get overwhelmed with the size of your makeup collection and feel a little guilty for letting products get pushed to the back of the drawer and forgotten about. A weekly makeup basket enables you to focus on using a selection of products for a week before rotating them out for something else. One week you could be getting use out of a long-time favourite lipstick, and the next you could be trying out that new blush you got for your birthday. So without further ado, here is what is in my makeup basket this week:

Weekly Makeup Basket

Starting with base: I have my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 51, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in shade 52, MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 and the Maybelline Matte Maker face powder in Natural Beige. I love the Bourjois products and Studio Finish is the best high coverage concealer I have found for my face. Maybelline’s Matte Maker is okay, but nothing special to write home about – I would repurchase it in future but I’d happily use something else instead, it’s not holy grail for me.

Moving onto the cheeks: I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer in Light for a while as it’s the perfect shade to give me a subtle and natural looking contour at this time of year. For colour I’m using MUA’s Blusher in Candyfloss for the 2nd week running and loving it. It’s such a pretty flush to the cheeks, easy to blend and just the right amount of pigmentation. I finish this off by sweeping Makeup Revolution’s Radiant Light powder in Breathe over the top and everything just looks dreamy and glowy.

The final steps, eyes: I have a couple of eyeshadow bases in here – MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and My Little Beauty’s Eyeshadow Crayon if I want a bronzy base. If you saw my Pan That Palette challenge for 2016 you’ll know I’m trying to pan Urban Decay’s Sustainable Palette this year, so of course that is in the basket. Liner is either ELF’s Shimmering Eyeliner in a charcoal shade if I want something subtle, or Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner if I want to create a flick. I’m currently using the Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara from Bourjois which I like, and to finish everything off I have Stila’s Stay All Day Brow Colour in Medium to fill in my brows, and Fresh’s Sugar Rose Lip Treatment as my lips have been really dry lately.

So that is what’s in my weekly makeup basket this week. I’d love to know if you do something similar to get use out of your products, and if so, what’s in your makeup basket this week – be sure to leave a comment below!

Weekly Makeup Basket

MAC Lipstick Collection

Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics

Today I wanted to share with you my MAC Lipstick Collection. I love doing collection posts! Yes, they take a bit longer to do but there’s something so satisfying once it’s all pulled together! Anyway, if you saw my MAC Experience post you’ll know I picked up 2 more lipsticks and so I thought I would share my very modest but growing collection.

Mac Lipstick Collection

Natural Lips

Let’s start off by showing you my natural lip colour. Whenever I’m looking online for swatches I always like to see what a persons natural lip colour is as that can affect how a lip colour looks.

Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics


Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
This is one of those My Lips But Better shades that just makes you look a bit more polished and put together, without adding much in the way of colour. Perfect for day-to-day, Patisserie is a Lustre formula so it adds a touch of colour without being drying to the lips.Although this does have a small amount of fine glitter, you can’t really see it until it starts to wear off, which isn’t a problem for me.

Coral Bliss

Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
This is a Cremesheen formula so it adds a sheer but buildable colour without being drying. Similar to Patisserie’s Lustre formula but with a little more oomph in the colour department. As the name would suggest, this is a coral shade with pink undertones. Unfortunately this does seem to emphasise any dry patches on my lips so it’s not one I reach for as often as some of my other lipsticks, but one I’ll probably get more use out of in the summer months.


Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
This is one of those classic, mid-toned pink shades with a warm undertone which flatters my skin. It’s become my easy, everyday favourite to throw on when I don’t know what else to wear, and it seems to go with almost anything. Fanfare is another Cremesheen formula so it glides on smoothly whilst having just enough drag to let you know it’s gonna stay on for a while, and can be worn sheered out or built up to a more opaque colour.


Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
This one is an Amplified formula, meaning super saturated colour for your lips. It’s not quite as glossy as the previous lipsticks, but lovely all the same. This intense, bright-but-somehow-deep pink is what I’ll wear to any weddings/christenings etc. Again, this applies smoothly, and after a while sets to a semi-matte finish.


Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics

Not gonna lie, I bought this one mostly for the packaging, which is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t regret it one bit! Mystical is the deepest shade in my MAC collection, and whaddya know, it’s another Cremesheen.. This is a deep rosy neutral shade that’s lovely for day-to-day wear at this time of year.

So that’s my little collection, what’s your favourite MAC lipstick? Do you have any that you would recommend to me? Let me know in the comments!

Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics
Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Review thegirlinspired Patisserie Coral Bliss Fanfare Chatterbox Mystical Alluring Aquatics

On My Repurchase List

Every now and then I go back and watch my older videos and it reminds me of all the great products I used to love. So I’ve started a list of products I’d like to repurchase at some point and I thought I’d share it:

repurchase list holy grail beauty makeup
  • Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer – best concealer I have found for under the eyes, great coverage, no creasing.
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Spray – a little pricier than my usual Tresemme one but this is so much better. It smells great, detangles, protects my hair and leaves it soft and silky.
  • Yankee Candle Fireside Treats – Hands down all time favourite candle, it smells amazing, all chocolately and toasted marshmallow. Delicious!
  • Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar – this bath wraps you in lots of bubbles, pink water and a comforting scent.
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink – this is the best black eyeliner I have used. It’s so creamy and pigmented, super black and available at the drugstore.
  • ELF Natural Radiance Blush in Innocence – I had this back when they had the slide out packaging. It’s a matte pale pink shade which I don’t have in my collection and I’m getting a bit tired of the peaches and corals so this would be a nice alternative. Unfortunately we can’t get hold of this blush anymore but I’m hoping the Essential Blush is a similar sort of thing.
  • L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagene Mascara – I remember being obsessed with this mascara so I’d love to give it another go and see if I still love it as much.
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away – this body scrub is so good. It really exfoliates without being too too harsh, and along with smelling great it also leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.
  • Burts Bees Original Lip Balm – smells minty, tingles a little bit, keeps my lips soft, can be worn overnight or underneath lip products and is a more natural balm.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – my favourite foundation. I don’t have this in my collection at the moment and the only reason I haven’t rushed out to pick up a new one is because I’m on Project Pan.
  • Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment – nothing else seems to do quite what this product does for my hair. It helps to smooth everything down, cuts down on drying time when applied to my hair whilst its’s wet, and adds a hit of hydration to my poor damaged ends.

What’s on your repurchase list?

*Pictures from Birchbox, Amazon, Lush, Superdrug,, Boots

My MAC Experience

my mac experience thegirlinspired

For Christmas Ben had gotten me a 1 hour MAC makeover and after months of procrastinating I finally got around to booking my appointment. I was a bit nervous about going as I’d never done anything like this before and wasn’t sure what to expect, so I thought I would share my experience with you in case you are in the same boat.

There was a few weeks wait for an available weekend so I would suggest booking your appointment sooner rather than later, especially if you are wanting your makeup done for a particular event. On the day I went in with clean, moisturised but makeup free skin and was greeted by my makeup artist. She asked me questions about the sort of look I wanted to go for and what I currently used. I decided to go for daytime look using fairly natural colours and a semi-matte finish. Next I picked out the shades of eyeshadow I wanted to use with the help of the MUA. She asked if there was any particular colours I wanted to try and on this occasion I said no, but next time I think it would be great to pick a shade I was interested in to base the look off of. I gave the MUA an idea of the general tone I wanted to go for (i.e. neutral on the eyes, coral on the cheeks and lips) and let her pick out what she thought would suit me best.

From there she sat me down in the chair and got to work on my makeup, starting with base, then moving into eyeshadow, brows, cheeks and lips. She talked me through what she was using, where she was applying it as well as why and how. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the products or the application – that’s what you’re there for. If there’s something you really want to focus on learning, like the new strobing trend at the moment for example, then definitely mention it.

Once my makeup was done the MUA made sure I was happy with the look and created a face chart for me to refer back to if I wanted to recreate the look in future. To be honest the look she came up with was very similar to what I tend to do anyway, so at least I know I’m doing it right! I think next time I will pick a particular eyeshadow shade to find out how to pair it with other colours to create a look, or focus more on something like contouring to get the most out of my time.

My experience wasn’t over once my makeup was done, you also get to redeem the price of the makeover for products on the day, so I picked up the lipstick and highlighter the MUA had used on me as well as another shade of lipstick. If you want to see what I got you can check out my MAC Haul.

All in all, it was a good hour spent, and the next time I plan on spending £30 in MAC I’ll make sure to book in for a makeover as well – who doesn’t want to get a free makeover when you’re going to be buying the products anyway?!

If there’s anything in particular you want to know, just ask away in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

New Things From MAC

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul

It feels like it’s been ages since I bought anything from MAC but one of the Christmas presents from Ben was a MAC makeover and since you get to redeem the price of the makeover in products I picked up a couple of things.

I’ll be doing a separate post on my MAC experience as I thought it might be helpful for anyone that’s not had a makeup application done there before to read up on what to expect, but for today I thought I would just share what I picked up.

Soft & Gentle Mineralize SkinFinish

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul

Coral Bliss & Fanfare Cremesheen Lipsticks

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul

The MSF and coral lipstick were both products the makeup artist used on me and I really liked how they looked so I decided to pick those up. I’m in a bit of a lipstick kick at the moment (just bought 3 lipsticks from Revlon as they had a 3 for 2 deal on plus a free nail polish so I took advantage!) so wanted to get another lipstick. I always tend to get fairly neutral pink lipsticks so wanted to branch out and get something a little different. I was actually looking for Ravishing but they didn’t seem to have in and with indecision setting in I ended up reaching for the familiar pinks and picked up Fanfare.

The MSFs seem to have updated packaging with a magnetic closure which adds that luxurious feel. All 3 products are gorgeous and I’m very happy with them. I do have naturally quite dark lips so I’d like to get a nude lipliner to help the lipstick shades show up more true to colour, so if you’ve got any suggestions please let me know.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish MSF Soft & Gentle Cremesheen Lipstick Coral Bliss Fanfare Haul

NYX Eyeshadow Collection

NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review

I did one of these posts a little while back on my MAC eyeshadow collection, and since I also have quite a few NYX eyeshadows I thought I’d do a similar post on those too. NYX are an affordable brand with great quality products.

Quite a few of their eyeshadows are dupes for the MAC ones at a fraction of the price. They may not be spot on dupes but they are pretty close, so if there are any that I think are similar I will list them along with a description next to each shade.

I have the regular single eyeshadows, which I depotted into a Z Palette – video on that here. The only real downside with NYX is that they are only available online in the UK, as far as I know. It would be nice if they came to the drugstore so we could swatch them, but then again my bank balance would probably hate me for that! You can find NYX on Amazon and Very, however I’ve found the best price is on NYX’s own website. The eyeshadows are £5 each and come in a range of colours.

Let’s get into the swatches!


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, highlight

Described as a Matte this actually has a bit of a sheen to it – not glittery at all, just glowy. Highlight is a pale yellow shade and I love wearing this in my inner corners in summertime. All these shades are so soft and easy to blend.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, aloha

This is a shimmer. It has that same glowy sheen as Highlight but with a little bit of fine glittery shimmer in it. Aloha is another great neutral, this one is more on the cooler side of the palette with a hint of pinky taupe. I love using this as an inner corner highlight as well and it reminds me a little bit of MAC’s Naked Lunch.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, nude

This is another creamy matte shade, but again with that slight glowy sheen. It’s a warm yet pale apricot colour which works great over the lid, as a brow highlight, or even as a cheek highlight depending on your skin tone. It’s such a smooth creamy formula too.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, taupe

Another glowy matte, this ones got quite a bit of sheen to it but is still not glittery. As the colour would suggest, it’s a brown taupe, quite light in shade, but makes a great all over the lid colour for every day and works well in the crease for something a little more natural, or as a transition colour for darker shades.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, silk

This is a close dupe for MAC’s All That Glitters. A light tan shade that is described as a Shimmer but has a similar finish to the Mattes, so again, more of that sheen going on. This is a tad more peachy and brighter than All That Glitters and looks great in the summer-time with a tan and works lovely with light eyes.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, opal

Mine is a little dirty just from the fall out of other shades it has been stored near. It’s a slightly off-white colour with a blue duo-chrome. This one doesn’t seem to be on the NYX website so I’m not sure if it’s just sold out or has been discontinued. Not one of my most reached for eyeshadows as I tend to reach for more neutral brown tones but it’s still very pretty. 


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, brown

NYX aren’t overly creative with their eyeshadow names.. Brown is a matte teddy bear brown shade. Another one that’s good in the crease or as a transition colour. I’d say it’s very similar to Taupe in shade, just without the taupiness if that makes any kind of sense! I tend to reach for Taupe more but this also looks really nice swept all over the lid and up into the crease a little bit if you want a simple makeup look.

Peach Bronze

Another one not on the NYX website, although Copper looks like a similar shade. I would say this is like a cross between MACs Woodwinked and Mulch. It’s a gorgeous coppery shade which would again being out light coloured eyes and look particularly lovely in the summertime and autumn.

Dark Grey

NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, dark grey

Another imaginative name.. This is a cool toned dark matte grey without looking blue. Dark Grey is more matte than others from my collection but this is one of the worst out of the bunch I have. It’s not completely awful it’s just that the colour pay off isn’t great so this goes on a little sheer and needs to be built up. 

Dark Brown

NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, dark brown

This is one of my favourites. A lovely matte, dark brown colour with the slightest hint of red, that is perfect in the crease. I used to wear this ALL the time!! I actually have a tutorial of one of my go-to everyday makeup looks using some of these eyeshadows so I’ll put that below if you want to check that out.

Iced Mocha

NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, iced mocha

A shimmery alternative to Dark Brown. This one is a lot like MAC’s Satin Taupe and another great colour for the crease or all over the lid if you wanted a darker, smokier look.


NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review, black

This one is actually the worst eyeshadow I have from NYX. It’s another matte shade but this one is quite sheer and needs some building up to get the intensity you see in the pan. It’s also quite chalky, kind of reminds me of soot, so you need to be careful of fallout when applying this. If you don’t want a super intense look and are careful when applying this might be a good shade for you to try.

NYX eyeshadow collection, thegirlinspired, swatches, review

Even though a couple of the shades aren’t as great as the rest I have still gotten wear out of all of them and love them for different reasons. Hopefully you liked this post and found it somewhat useful. If you would like me to do more posts like this in the future let me know in the comments and tell me what you would like to see next, ie my lipstick collection, blush collection etc.


My MAC Eyeshadow Collection

When I first got into reading blogs and watching beauty videos on YouTube one of my favourite things to see was everyones MAC eyeshadow collection, and it still is a favourite. So I thought I’d show you mine, along with swatches and which colours are my most used and loved.. Let’s start with a look at the palette first, shall we?

MAC Eyeshadow Collection in Pink Z Palette, swatches, grand entrance, star violet, brule, naked lunch, all that glitters, honesty, gleam, expensive pink, wedge, patina, woodwinked, mulch, satin taupe, copperplate, shale, stars n rockets, satellite dreams, purple rain, sketch, smut, club, just, gorgeous gold, electra

These are all of my MAC eyeshadows and let me tell you, it’s taken quite a while to build up this collection! I store the majority of them in this pink Z Palette which is so great because it holds so many and the clear lid means I can see exactly what is inside. I have a couple of eyeshadows in the pots but for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to depotting them. All the others I bought in pan form as I knew I wanted to keep them in a palette, and as you can see I’m a fan of the neutrals..

Now onto the individual shadows!

Grand Entrance

MAC Grand Entrance Eyeshadow Swatch thegirlinspired

My one and only eBay purchase but this colour was too gorgeous to not buy it. It came out in the Star Flash collection before I was aware of MAC. After stumbling upon the beauty community on YouTube and seeing people talk about this little guy I knew I had to have it! Super pigmented and almost metallic in finish, it has a little bit of fall out if you’re not careful but makes a great lid colour or inner corner highlight.

Star Violet

MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow Swatch thegirlinspired

I picked up Star Violet whilst in Australia – it was my treat around Christmas time over there as we didn’t have many funds spare to spend on frivolous things at the time. I wore this a lot whilst on that trip but haven’t touched it much since (probably because it’s in a pot in a drawer and gets forgotten about!). This is a deluxe pearl finish which gives it that lovely sheen and I always get compliments when I wear it.


MAC Brule Eyeshadow Swatch thegirlinspired

My only matte highlight shade from MAC, which means I use it a hell of a lot. You can just about see it in the swatch, it’s a touch lighter than my skin tone making perfect to use on the brow bone and to blend out any harsh edges on crease colours.

Naked Lunch

MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Swatch thegirlinspired

This is a frost finish eyeshadow and probably my favourite shimmery highlight colour. It’s a pinky champagne that looks great when applied with a fluffy brush to the brow bone to add a subtle sheen. I also like wearing this on the lid with a little bit of Wedge in the crease for a very simple, easy every day look.

All That Glitters

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

One of my very first MAC eyeshadows and as you can see, it’s very well loved. Veluxe pearl in finish, this is a fantastic lid colour that compliments lots of different skin tones. The pinky-tan shade helps to bring out lighter coloured eyes and make them pop. I also like using this in the inner corner when using a more bronzy shade on the eyes.


MAC Honesty Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

I like this eyeshadow but it’s not one of my favourites. The lustre finish means it has a lot of chunky glitter in it, and although the copper tones bring out blue eyes you don’t really want to be getting flecks of that glitter in your eyes or half way down your cheeks.. so I don’t reach for it all that much.


MAC Gleam Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Another one that I don’t find myself reaching for much is Gleam. It’s a pretty enough colour but doesn’t seem to have great colour payoff and I have trouble finding ways to wear it.

Expensive Pink

MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

I love this colour in the summertime, blended through the crease to create an almost sunset effect. This veluxe finish shadow is very much a golden peachy-pink so it’s a little more wearable than Gleam but again, one I don’t wear very often.


MAC Wedge Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This is another matte colour I wear a lot. If I’ve got my MAC palette out you can almost guarantee that I will use this shade in the crease. It’s the perfect soft, mid-toned brown to put down to help blend crease colours. I also love using it in the crease on it’s own to add soft definition on days when I don’t want to do much with my eye makeup.


MAC Patina Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

I picked this up on Tanya Burr’s recommendation as she talks about it quite a lot and I have to be honest, I don’t really reach for it much. It’s a beautiful colour but I just prefer All That Glitters a little bit more than this. It works great as a lid colour and is a pearl finish which gives it this lovely sheen.


MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Another one of my very first MAC purchases, this has a beautiful metallic finish that when blended out creates a two-tone effect and makes it look like you’ve used 2 different colours and put a lot of effort into your makeup when really you haven’t. This looks amazing on blue eyes and is perfect in the summer time or the autumn.


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This was the 3rd MAC eyeshadow I ever bought but I wasn’t that fond of it to begin with. Not really sure why, I think maybe the reddish undertones put me off, but now I love it! It’s great in the crease, blends like a dream and I get a lot of wear out of it in the Autumn months. This velvet finish eyeshadow is also great for use in smoky brown looks.

Satin Taupe

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This is the cool-toned version of Mulch. After purchasing Mulch and not being a fan I decided to pick Satin Taupe up instead and instantly fell in love. Strangely enough I haven’t reached for it much recently as I’ve been preferring the warmer toned browns…. This is a frost finish with a grey-toned purple undertone. Another great colour for the crease but I’ve also been known to wear this all over the lid for a darker everyday look.


MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This is a matte finish, brownish grey. I think I’ve only worn this a couple of times just because I’m not really too sure how to wear this. It’s not highly pigmented but if anyone has any recommendations of what to do with this eyeshadow please let me know!


MAC Shale Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Another colour that’s not hugely pigmented so I don’t tend to reach for it a whole lot. It’s a satin finish but pulls a little frosted. If I wear this it’s usually either as a lid colour or to blend out other purples in the crease but it always comes off a little bruisey looking when I do that. Again, if you have any suggestions for how to wear this let me know in the comments!

Stars n Rockets

MAC Stars n Rockets Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This is quite possibly my favourite colourful MAC eyeshadow. Stars n Rockets is a deluxe pearl finish and has a iridescent violet sheen which gives it a duo-chrome effect. If you apply this over a darker base it turns into a beautiful, much darker purple with that violet gleam. I’ll use this as a lid colour, to blend out other purples in the crease to give a glowy effect, or I’ll apply it over the top of a black eyeliner for something a little different.

Purple Rain

MAC Purple Rain Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

My first ever matte eyeshadow from MAC and it kinda put me off them as it was so chalky and had little pigmentation. What you see swatched is several swipes of the colour. I’ve maybe only worn this a couple of times, I think I keep holding on to it cause I’m hoping I can make it work somehow but I never reach for it.

Satellite Dreams

MAC Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

This is the veluxe pearl counterpart to Purple Rain. It’s a very similar shade of purple but much more pigmented and wearable. It’s warmer in tone, blends beautifully and I love using this in purple looks or on the outer corner to brighten up brown looks.


MAC Sketch Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Sketch is one that I picked up after hearing Elle from allthatglitters21 go on and on about how it was her favourite eyeshadow, and I’m glad I did. This has a velvet finish so it’s a little softer but can be built up. It’s a burgundy brown which works great in the autumn and I love using it to darken up smoky brown looks or as a liner on the lower lash line. It’s great for lighter coloured eyes too as the reddish undertones really brings out those eye colours.


MAC Smut Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Another velvet finish that I love for darkening up the outer corner or as a powder eyeliner. This deep colour is softer than a black so it’s not a harsh making it perfect for every day looks. I’m not sure if you can really tell in the pictures but this eyeshadow has a burgundy shimmer which really warms up the colour. It’s lovely to blend and works great with browns.


MAC Club Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Club is such an interesting eyeshadow and I’m so glad to have it in my collection as I haven’t seen anything similar to this anywhere else. It’s a satin finish eyeshadow that initially looks green but where you take a closer look at it or swatch it you’ll see it’s actually a brown with red undertones and a green sheen. I’ve found if you pat this on you can get it to pull more green and if you blend it the brown really comes through. I use this in the crease, as a liner and even all over the lid, particularly in the autumn months.


MAC Juxt Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Such a pretty bright colour but I don’t find many occasions to wear this. It’s a green with a definite yellow tone to it. I like wearing this satin finish eyeshadow more in the spring and summer as a little something different on the lid or to line my lower lash line as it has a real brightening effect.

Gorgeous Gold

MAC Gorgeous Gold Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

I picked this one up at the same time as Juxt as I was doing a makeup tutorial inspired by a flower and needed a pretty yellow eyeshadow to represent the centre of the flower. Gorgeous Gold has a veluxe pearl finish and a slight green tint to it. If you pair it with other greens it definitely pulls more green, but otherwise it’s a very pretty light yellow-gold shade.


MAC Electra Eyeshadow Collection Swatch thegirlinspired

Electra is my most beaten up eyeshadow and I don’t even wear it all that much! I did take it travelling with me though so in fairness it’s lasted quite well! This has a frost finish but comes off more metallic as you can see and has fantastic pigmentation. It’s great when creating silvery, black smoky looks, perfect for the party season.

Phew, that’s a lotta swatching! Out of that small army of eyeshadows I would have to say I reach for Brule, All That Glitters, Wedge, Mulch and Club the most. They’re great colours that work really well together from the simplest of everyday looks to smokier, more sultry eye makeup. As you can see I still have a little bit of space left in my palette so tell me, which shades do you think I should pick up next?

MAC Eyeshadows are £13 in pot or £10 in pan

Review: ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder thegirlinspired glowy cheeks highlight

With the weather turning cold, grey and miserable I’ve been reaching for a certain blush and bronzer combo to inject some life into my face. The product I’m talking about is ELF’s Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder from their studio line. I picked this up back before they came out with different versions, this is the original one that is a great dupe for the Nars Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer and is only £3.95

ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder thegirlinspired glowy cheeks highlight


ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder thegirlinspired glowy cheeks highlight

The bronzer warms up my face and although it contains some shimmer this doesn’t really transfer on the skin. I use this to contour a little as it isn’t orangey at all, and then blend it out over the rest of my face. The blush is a beautiful warm, light pink with fine golden shimmer that leaves my cheeks with a healthy, glowy sheen. It’s goes on quite sheer, which is great if you tend to be heavy handed, but it can be built up to a more pigmented colour.

The palette itself is nice and compact with a mirror inside the lid which is great for travel or touch ups on the go. Mine is a little beaten up – the plastic seems to have melted in the heat of the summer we just had but I haven’t had that problem with any other products from ELF. This is a great little duo that I go back to using year after year when I want a natural looking flush without it looking like someone has just pinched my cheeks, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for an inexpensive blush and bronzer!

ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder thegirlinspired glowy cheeks highlight