Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals 2016

It’s that time of year all #TIUgirls get excited for – the Tone It Up Bikini Series! I’m going to be joining in this year and thought I’d share my goals with you. If you don’t know what Tone It Up is, I’d highly recommend checking out their website, as they have a ton of information over there. But to briefly sum up, Tone It Up is run by 2 gorgeous best friends, Karena and Katrina, and is about all things health and fitness related. They have a Nutrition Plan you can purchase, which gives you a lifetime membership to all past and any future updates or special editions they come out with. They also sell their own products, from workout DVD’s and plant-based protein powder, to workout clothes and more.

Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals

The Tone It Up Bikini Series is their biggest challenge of the year and the team gets so amped up over it that we sometimes end up breaking the internet.. The Bikini Series is free to join in with as K&K post a Weekly Schedule on their site detailing your workouts each day (which you can find on their YouTube channel), along with recipes and lifestyle challenges too. They encourage you to check in on social media, which is not only really motivating, but helps you to stay on track and gets you inspired when you see everyone else getting in their morning Bootycall. When you sign up for the Bikini Series you’ll be getting 8 weeks of daily workouts and challenges, daily tips and motivation, new weekly fitness videos, weekly check in prizes and at the end you could be in with the chance to win a holiday to Turks and Caicos for you and a friend! Sounds pretty great huh?!

The challenge kicks off on 25th April, and Karena and Katrina usually ask you to set yourself some goals for the 8-week challenge, so here are mine:

My Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals

Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals

  • #25bySummer – by the end of the 8 week challenge I want to have done 25 miles, whether that through running, walking, HIIT, dancing.
  • 1 x daily moves every day – TIU set 5 moves to be done for a minute each and repeated for a total of 10 minutes worked out. My goal is to at least do these moves once through every day.
  • Create a morning routine – I’m often rushing around in the mornings, so I’d like to create a routine where I get up earlier, have time to get my workout in, check over my to do list for the day and maybe even have time to meditate before starting to get ready for my day.
  • Find 2 veggie sources of protein I like – I’ve recently stopped eating meat so would like to find more sources of protein that I enjoy and stay on track with a balanced diet.
  • Check in at least once a week – check in’s are great for keeping yourself accountable and seeing what the rest of the team is up to, but sometimes it gets overwhelming feeling like you have to check in with everything you’re doing and eating. So instead I don’t want to focus too much on the checkin in side (actually doing the workouts and eating healthy is more important), but I do want to check in at least once a week.
  • Create a workout haven in my home – I don’t really have a dedicated area to work out in, so I’d like to set up a small space somewhere with all of my gear. It should make working out in the mornings that much easier with everything in one place, and will hopefully be a nice environment to step into.
  • Get in a bikini and go to the beach – So often summer rolls around and I don’t even wear a bikini, let alone get my butt to the beach! This year I want to make the effort to go, feeling confident in my body and making the most of what little summer sunshine we get here in the UK.

I know to some of you those goals might not seem like a lot, especially when you consider most other #TIUgirls strive towards #100bySummer but, like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been suffering with a few health issues this year and want to ease myself back into exercising. I’ll be following along with the schedule as best I can (and I can’t wait to try out the new routines on the brand new Beach Babe 4 DVD), but I’m going to adjust things as I feel necessary and do things my way. For example, if K&K say you should do a particular routine 3 times, I might only do it once or twice. It’s important to remember that this is a lifestyle change, not a race to the finish. I know what I’m capable of, mentally and physically, and I don’t want to set myself unrealistic goals, only to not reach them and get down on myself. That kinda defeats the point in my eyes as I’ll be reluctant to continue working out at all. Something is better than nothing, and hopefully I can build things up as I go and gradually increase the number of workouts, the intensity, the weights and all that good stuff.

So they are my Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals for this year. Let me know if you’re going to be joining in with this challenge and what your goals are. I’ll be checking in on Instagram a few times over the next 8 weeks, so if you’re interested make sure you’re following me over there and say hi as I’d love to meet other #TIUgirls!

Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals


new years goals, healthy, diet, nutrition, water, gratitude, reading, read, books

2016 ~ My New Years Goals

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and aren’t feeling too worse for wear today. I thought to kick off the new year I would post my new years goals for 2016. I don’t like to call them resolutions as, to me, it sounds like you’re having to give something up, which makes you feel like you are missing out on something rather than looking forward to something. I have 3 big main goals for this year and they break down into lots of little sections. I don’t want to bore you to tears by typing everything out, so without further ado, here are my New Years Goals plus a few of the ways I am going to begin working towards them at the start of this year:

  • Get Myself Healthy

My health issues are more mental than along the usual lines of losing weight, so to start off with I will:

– Focus more on nutrition than exercise – including more fruits, vegetables and salads into my meals

– Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (and I have a handy little app to help me keep track throughout the day!)

– List 2 things I’m grateful for every day

– Repeat positive affirmations daily

– Meditate for 10 minutes every evening

– Read 5 nights a week (my aim is to read 10 books this year)

– Get 7 hours sleep a night (going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day)

– Just focus on tasks I can get done on that day rather than having one massive “to do” list to work from

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, healthy, diet, nutrition, water, gratitude, reading, read, books

  • Make a Part-Time Income from Creative Pursuits

Basically I want to focus on growing my YouTube and Blogging hobby into a part-time income. For the first few months I will:

– Continue posting one video and blogpost a week

– Get to grips with WordPress!

– Brainstorm quality content that will benefit my viewers

– Work on promoting content on Instagram and Pinterest

– Log my stats monthly

– Connect with other bloggers and youtubers

– Learn the basics of my camera to improve the quality of my photos and videos

– Practise my photography out in the world

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, youtube, blogging, online content, growth, business, thegirlinspired

  • Improve My Relationships

With me focusing on the above and Ben having just gone self-employed, I want to make sure we are not neglecting each other. I also want to ensure I make time to fit in seeing friends and family:

– Wednesday evenings = mine and Bens evening at home together

– Friday evenings = game nights with Ben and/or friends and family (my brother got us a PS4 for Christmas so we can have fun with that)

– At least one scheduled date night or day per month where Ben and I plan to do something together (meals out, cinema, going to the beach or for long walks etc etc)

– Make the effort to arrange doing something with friends and family (meals out/nights in/drinks, but also squeezing in time to have a quick catch up over a cuppa, or meeting for lunch if we’re already in the city etc)

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, relationship, love, couple

To help me with a lot of these goals I have decided to start a Bullet Journal. I only recently became aware of bullet journalling and I love the fact that it makes you focus on one day at a time. Also, if you don’t get all those tasks done it makes you think about whether it really needs to be done or whether to just scratch it off your to do list altogether. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive (I ordered the Leuchtturm1917 which should be delivered by the 4th), but once I’ve got it set up and have been using it for a little while I’ll do a video showing you what it’s all about and how I use it. It’s going to be where I track if I’ve drank enough water, meditated, my savings etc as well as house my gratitude log, Blog/YouTube stats and goals amongst other things.


So they are my New Years Goals for 2016! I usually either set myself a big goal with no plan for how to achieve it, or I give myself a million things to do at once, forgetting that I have a whole year to work on things, and end up completely overwhelming myself! This year I have my main goals, which I’ve broken down into different areas and from that I’m giving myself just a few daily/weekly/monthly “tasks” to focus on for the first quarter of the year. From there I’ll reassess, see what’s working and what isn’t and take things from there.

I’d love to know what your goals are for 2016, so please leave them in the comments, and I hope that whatever your goals are, you find ways of making them happen.

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, quote, arrows, live the life you have imagined, go confidently in the direction of your dreams