Wedding Craziness

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The wedding craziness has begun…

Back in February, when Ben and I first decided to get married this year, I had an initial hit of stress worrying that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off on such short notice. Anything wedding related tends to get booked up pretty far in advance, but as luck would have it, and with our wedding being mid-week, all of our first choice vendors have been available. After we’d picked the vendors and booked things in everything seemed to calm down and I felt like everything was coming together nicely and the wedding was practically sorted.

Well, with only 2 months to go the wedding craziness has got a second wind and I’m feeling more than a little frazzled and overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that my lovely fiancé decided that we would basically completely redo our kitchen the first weekend of July… I’m talking all new units, work surfaces and appliances. We’re having to move the layout around a bit to accommodate a dishwasher (which is what started this whole ordeal), and re-tiling the walls. He’s even taking the ceiling down and having it re-plastered so we can finally have some decent lighting fitted! I’m currently sat amid boxes full of plates and things like couscous and quinoa, whilst our existing kitchen is being dismantled in preparation for the new one going in next weekend.

But back to the wedding craziness: we met with the venue for the second time earlier this week with a view of being able to get a few more bits sorted and feeling more organised about the whole thing, only we actually came away with an even bigger to do list! Some of the things the venue pointed out need to get sorted ASAP but I have no idea when I’ll have time to fit them in as I am stacked out things to do at the moment. I desperately need to buy my wedding shoes as well as I’ve got my dress fitting towards the end of July and obviously need to wear the shoes so the lady knows how much the dress needs to be taken up, but I haven’t even looked at any shoes yet!

The bar situation is another urgent one – we thought the venue would be able to sort that out for us, but after having a chat with them it seems we have to organise it ourselves. So now it’s a mad dash to find a company that is available in 2 months time and is within our budget. Other things we need to sort are the hire of the tables, chairs and linens, decide on the wording for the actual ceremony and if we want any readings, as well as the music for the ceremony – apparently you need 3 pieces of music and I only had 1 in mind! Also, certain vendors are starting to want to be paid now so there’s all of that to do.

wedding craziness, wedding planning

Everything’s just a bit hectic and at this point I really need a holiday but even the honeymoon is up for discussion at the moment. We’d decided we would have one and were hoping to grab a late deal, but I was going over our finances the other night and I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford it. Which sucks because I normally shy away from holidays as I hate flying, so the fact that I really wanted to go away somewhere lovely and hot was a big deal for me. Who knows, maybe in a months time when things have (hopefully) calmed down a bit we can re-evaluate and see where we stand with regards to the honeymoon. In any case I think I need to book myself in for a massage stat!

I’m sure everything will turn out lovely in the end (or so everyone keeps telling me!), I just don’t know how I’m going to find the time to plan it all to ensure it does! My advice to anyone that’s engaged and thinking they have plenty of time so don’t need to think about planning just yet is: Don’t Wait! Get everything planned, organised and booked as soon as possible, even if your wedding is a year+ away. That way you can just enjoy the build up of excitement to the big day, rather than having that excitement tainted with stress and pressure that could potentially lead to arguments between you and your other half.

Wish me luck with the kitchen and wedding planning, and if you have any advice, whether that be for the wedding or relationships in general, time management or coping with stress, PLEASE leave it in a comment or tweet me – I would really appreciate it!

Why I Want To Be A Minimalist

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Recently I’ve been looking into various different, slightly more holistic, aspects of improving my health: meditation, crystals, going natural with products. One of the things that’s really piqued my interested lately is minimalism. My “watch later” playlist on YouTube is full of videos on how to declutter, minimalistic home tours, and how to start on your minimalism journey. I’ve been thinking about going down a more minimalistic route for a few years now, I just didn’t realise that’s what I was craving. I first mention it in my Shop Your Stash video, saying that larger makeup collections stressed me out and I wanted to get through some of my stash and downsize my collection.

At the end of 2015 I heard so many people talking about Marie Kondo’s book, The Magic Of Tidying, but dismissed it as it seemed overly hyped. Just recently I stumbled back across Allison Anderson’s channel and got hooked watching her “decluttering” and “simplify your home” videos. I went on to binge watch a ton of videos focused around minimalism and realised these spacious spaces and uncluttered homes made me feel so calm and relaxed, and I knew I wanted my home to give me that same feeling. I mean, they do say that your home should be your haven, but the clutter and unfinished projects in mine have only brought on a sense of mental clutter and stress that I really don’t need in my life.

So I’m starting this journey towards a cleaner, simpler living space that brings me joy. I’m not saying I’m going to completely downsize everything to the bare minimum and only dress in monochrome. I do however think I can make drastic improvements in a lot of areas of my life. I did end up picking up Marie Kondo’s book and I’m hoping it will offer tips and motivation to help get me started on this endeavour. On top of that, I’m constantly scouring Pinterest for ideas on minimalist aesthetics to inspire me. Let me know your thoughts on minimalism, and I’ll leave you with some lovely pictures of these inspiring spaces…

Minimalism Inso 1, minimalist

(Via – 1, 2, 3)Minimalism Inso 2, minimalist(Via – 1, 2, 3)

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

A couple of weekends ago Ben and I went to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, and we loved it so much we’re thinking of signing up for an annual membership! I thought I’d share a few of the pictures we took to show you what it’s all about in case you’re in the are and it’s the sort of thing you’re into. It’s based in South Waltham, Norfolk and costs £6.50 for adults and £3.75 for children aged 5-16 (under 5’s are free). We went on Sunday 1st May when they happened to be doing a Bluebell Walk, which was free to join in with. Fairhaven has several events throughout the year, some are free, others, like their Beginners Photography Workshop, come with a very reasonable price. The only day they are closed is Christmas Day, and with the way they have done their planting, means there’s always something to see no matter what time of year you visit.

There are so many different trees, plants and flowers, bodies of water and history to take in. You can take along a picnic and sit looking out over the Norfolk Broads river, or dine in their tearoom on tasty homemade goodies. There’s plenty to do, learn and see, including some wildlife if you’re lucky. So if you’re like me a like nature, gardening, or even just like getting outside on a nice day and taking a relaxing wander through some pretty scenery, I would definitely recommend checking out Fairhaven.

To be honest, we didn’t take too many pictures as we were too busy taking in the beautiful, wild gardens and listening to our tour guide telling us the history of Lord Fairhaven and how these gardens came to be, but here’s a few we managed to snap, and I’m certain we’ll be back to take more later this year:

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

The King Oak is around 950 years old

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

King and Queen Oak Trees

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

Norfolk Broads

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

The Bluebell Walk

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

Fair haven Woodland and Water Garden

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Wedding Updates

With just under 4 months to go till the big day, it’s about time I got my butt into gear! There’s still so much to do ? We have managed to get a couple more things crossed off the list though:

Wedding Updates

  • The other week Ben and I headed into the city with Ben’s best man and his fiancé. The plan was to get their suits sorted, and sorted we did!! We went into House of Fraser and Next but didn’t see anything we liked enough to even bother really trying on and then we headed over to Slaters. The boys had low expectations but I had a good feeling about this one. We found a suit that we liked in the colour I wanted, and when Ben tried it on it was perfect! So we ordered one for him and one for his best man – all done within about an hour and a half!
  • Since we got the suits sorted so quickly we figured we might as well move onto looking at wedding rings whilst we were out and about. We looked at a few places before ending up in Ernest Jones where Ben found the ring he wanted – a two-toned one in the style he likes. I tried on a few but none were quite what I wanted so we decided to stop for some lunch in Bills (love their Kale Salad!) then said goodbye to our friends. As Ben and I were leaving we popped back into Ernest Jones to look at the ring he liked again, and as we were about to leave I saw one I really liked for my wedding band. It was a white gold, diamond twist band and when I tried it on it complimented my engagement ring beautifully. It wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind but I loved it all the same, so we ordered both our rings then and there!!
  • The last thing we’ve got sorted is a guest thumbprint tree. I literally just got that sorted this past weekend. I found one on Etsy, but shipping from the USA is ridiculous, so I ended up finding one very similar on Ebay, for half the price and with free shipping. Sold! The kit I bought comes with one ink pad, so I bought another one separately as I wanted to have both our wedding colours on the picture. In case you don’t know what a thumbprint tree is, basically it’s a tree without leaves printed on either card or canvas. You set it out at your wedding (or whatever event – it works really nicely at Christening’s and birthdays too) and your guests use the ink pads provided to leave their thumbprints to create the leaves of the tree. It looks really pretty, is a great keepsake and an alternative to having a guestbook.

So that’s that. The next thing we REALLY need to sort is the catering, which I have been majorly procrastinating on as I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding some sort of buffet/BBQ service that can provide vegetarian and lactose-free food, all within our very limited budget! Wish me luck!!

Wedding Updates, thegirlinspired, bettering married, wedding rings

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Sparking My Creativity

Sparking my creativity, thegirlinspired, camera, blogger, blogging

The feeling of not being good enough, not being an expert, has left me feeling stuck when it comes to creating new content. I’m struggling to even come up with ideas for content! I need to move past this, so instead of trying to appear to be “all-knowing” (because, let’s face it, nobody knows absolutely everything about everything), I am just going to write from my point of view. I may not have all the answers, know the best way of going about something, or even know the correct way of doing something, all I can share is my experience and opinion of what I have tried or am in the process of trying.

In the most respectful way possible, I am going to disregard how other bloggers blog, and not feel the pressure (self-imposed) to do things the same way as them. I’ve been feeling like I have to create helpful content from the standpoint of having already achieved the end result and am now sharing how “you can do it to!” Only I can’t create those posts because I haven’t achieved those results yet, so feel I’m in no position to talk about it with you guys. Hence my creativity being blocked, leaving me feeling stuck on what to blog about.

But I just have to remember that, although a lot of bloggers do put out content sharing how to do something they’ve already achieved, I don’t have to do that. I can just share what I’m currently trying to get me a little closer to that goal, and update you as I go along that process. You guys can follow along with me if you’re attempting something similar, leave comments of other things you are trying, and you’ll also be able to look back over my progress and see exactly how I got to where I am at that moment in time. From there you can see what you think might work for you and what you might want to avoid (eat the fish and spit out the bones, as they say).

Sparking my creativity, thegirlinspired, camera, blogging, blogger

(Image via)

With all that in mind, I’m not going to be doing a proper Traffic and Income Report for February as I haven’t really done anything to boost traffic or income. I’ll just add a quick summary into the next report I do, just for reference sake.

So, that’s my plan going forward and hopefully that will spark my creativity and be somewhat helpful to you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments, or message me on Twitter, and also let me know if you have any specific topics you would like me to blog about!

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2016 ~ My New Years Goals

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and aren’t feeling too worse for wear today. I thought to kick off the new year I would post my new years goals for 2016. I don’t like to call them resolutions as, to me, it sounds like you’re having to give something up, which makes you feel like you are missing out on something rather than looking forward to something. I have 3 big main goals for this year and they break down into lots of little sections. I don’t want to bore you to tears by typing everything out, so without further ado, here are my New Years Goals plus a few of the ways I am going to begin working towards them at the start of this year:

  • Get Myself Healthy

My health issues are more mental than along the usual lines of losing weight, so to start off with I will:

– Focus more on nutrition than exercise – including more fruits, vegetables and salads into my meals

– Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (and I have a handy little app to help me keep track throughout the day!)

– List 2 things I’m grateful for every day

– Repeat positive affirmations daily

– Meditate for 10 minutes every evening

– Read 5 nights a week (my aim is to read 10 books this year)

– Get 7 hours sleep a night (going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day)

– Just focus on tasks I can get done on that day rather than having one massive “to do” list to work from

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, healthy, diet, nutrition, water, gratitude, reading, read, books

  • Make a Part-Time Income from Creative Pursuits

Basically I want to focus on growing my YouTube and Blogging hobby into a part-time income. For the first few months I will:

– Continue posting one video and blogpost a week

– Get to grips with WordPress!

– Brainstorm quality content that will benefit my viewers

– Work on promoting content on Instagram and Pinterest

– Log my stats monthly

– Connect with other bloggers and youtubers

– Learn the basics of my camera to improve the quality of my photos and videos

– Practise my photography out in the world

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, youtube, blogging, online content, growth, business, thegirlinspired

  • Improve My Relationships

With me focusing on the above and Ben having just gone self-employed, I want to make sure we are not neglecting each other. I also want to ensure I make time to fit in seeing friends and family:

– Wednesday evenings = mine and Bens evening at home together

– Friday evenings = game nights with Ben and/or friends and family (my brother got us a PS4 for Christmas so we can have fun with that)

– At least one scheduled date night or day per month where Ben and I plan to do something together (meals out, cinema, going to the beach or for long walks etc etc)

– Make the effort to arrange doing something with friends and family (meals out/nights in/drinks, but also squeezing in time to have a quick catch up over a cuppa, or meeting for lunch if we’re already in the city etc)

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, relationship, love, couple

To help me with a lot of these goals I have decided to start a Bullet Journal. I only recently became aware of bullet journalling and I love the fact that it makes you focus on one day at a time. Also, if you don’t get all those tasks done it makes you think about whether it really needs to be done or whether to just scratch it off your to do list altogether. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive (I ordered the Leuchtturm1917 which should be delivered by the 4th), but once I’ve got it set up and have been using it for a little while I’ll do a video showing you what it’s all about and how I use it. It’s going to be where I track if I’ve drank enough water, meditated, my savings etc as well as house my gratitude log, Blog/YouTube stats and goals amongst other things.


So they are my New Years Goals for 2016! I usually either set myself a big goal with no plan for how to achieve it, or I give myself a million things to do at once, forgetting that I have a whole year to work on things, and end up completely overwhelming myself! This year I have my main goals, which I’ve broken down into different areas and from that I’m giving myself just a few daily/weekly/monthly “tasks” to focus on for the first quarter of the year. From there I’ll reassess, see what’s working and what isn’t and take things from there.

I’d love to know what your goals are for 2016, so please leave them in the comments, and I hope that whatever your goals are, you find ways of making them happen.

2016 ~ My New Years Goals, new years goals, quote, arrows, live the life you have imagined, go confidently in the direction of your dreams


highlights of twenty fifteen

Highlights of Twenty Fifteen


highlights of twenty fifteen, 2015, year review, memories, thegirlinspired

At the start of this year I decided I was going to keep a little box full of positive memories. I find my memory isn’t so great at remembering the good stuff, and sometimes I struggle to remember just what I’ve done all year, which can sometimes leave me feeling like my life is at a bit of a standstill. So I got myself a box and any time something good happened I would write it on a piece of paper with the plan to get them all out at the end of the year and read over all the lovely things that had happened that year. I thought it might be quite nice to share a few of those things with you, and maybe you could leave a few of your own positive memories from 2015 in the comments.

highlights of twenty fifteen, 2015, year review, memories, thegirlinspired

➳ I Turned 30!

This may not seem like a good thing to some people, and I’ll admit that the month or so leading up to my birthday, the thought of turning 30, of being in my 30’s, did fill me with dread. But the night before, as I lay in bed, I thought back to when I was about to turn 20 – I had that same feeling then about turning 20 as I did about turning 30. I thought about all the things I had done, people I had met, places I had been to and things I’d experienced in those last 10 years, and it made me really excited to see what the next 10 years has in store for me.

➳ Seeing Fall Out Boy Live!

This kind of ties in with the above. Radio 1’s Big Weekend was held in Norwich this year, which just happens to be where I live. I so desperately wanted to get tickets but unfortunately they sold out too quickly. Luckily for me, one of my friends had snagged a couple and, as a birthday present, invited me to go with her on the Saturday. I was beyond thrilled! The weather was perfect – sunny but not too hot – the company was great and we all had a blast, listening and dancing to the various amazing bands, but the absolute highlight for me was Fall Out Boy. I’ve loved them ever since I first heard their music in One Tree Hill, they were amazing and basically performed all my favourites. It was the Best Day Ever!

➳ I Ran 5k!

Even since I started my fitness journey I’ve had in mind the goal of running 5k. Not necessarily in a race, but just being able to run that distance without having to stop to walk. I’d never been able to do it before, the most I’d managed previously was about 2 miles, but this year, with Ben’s help (running with me and pacing me!) I was able to finally reach my goal and it felt so good!

➳ I Got Back On A Plane!

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past.. Ben and I went travelling towards the end of 2010, and at the end of that 6 and a half month trip was a flight to Greece where we had the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. I’m a nervous flyer due to turbulence at the best of times and this one flight completely put me off flying. In fact, the moment I was able to turn my phone back on and had signal I was trying to google alternative ways of getting back home… Anyway, this year I put my big girl pants on and drew from within me some deeply hidden source of courage and got back on a plane. Admittedly it was only a 2 and a half hour flight to Ibiza for a week, but it was a start and now I don’t feel quite so apprehensive about flying.

highlights of twenty fifteen, 2015, year review, memories, thegirlinspired

➳ Reaching Over 5k Subscribers & Blogging On A Regular Basis

I know most YouTubers will say it’s not about the numbers, but when you start reaching milestones you can’t help but feel like you are doing something right. This year I reached my first big milestone – 5000 subscribers. I still can’t quite get my head around that number, but if you are one of them then I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and giving me the confidence to keep pursuing this little hobby of mine. This year was also the year I feel like I got on a regular schedule with my blog. I’ve kind of dabbled in and out of it over the nearly 4 years since I started this blog, but I finally have a schedule in place and plenty of ideas flowing. Again, if you follow my blog and like reading what I have to say, thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me!

➳ I Got Myself Happier!

I started this year in a pretty dark and miserable place. I was so full of negativity and feeling worthless and I couldn’t see my way out of it. Gradually as the year has progressed I’ve opened up to people close to me and started to see how off-base my thinking was. That’s not to say that I don’t still suffer with those dark and lonely thoughts sometimes, but now I’m much better at recognising when I am in that funk and can try my hardest not to believe in those thoughts or react to them. I’ve been steadily working on focusing on the positive side of life, and I have to say that Tone It Up’s Fit Fierce and Fabulous book has played a huge part in that – giving me a road map of positive things to focus on, do and say to myself daily. It’s something I am going to continue to focus on next year but I’ll talk more about that in my New Years Goals post I’ll be putting up on Friday!

➳ I Hosted My First Ever Christmas For My Family!

Ben and I have lived in our house for 2 and a half years. For our first Christmas I just did a little roast for the two of us, the second year we went to Ben’s parents on Christmas Eve and stayed there til Boxing Day. This year I had my close family all come round in the morning to open presents and I then proceeded to cook the Christmas dinner. The timings of everything always stress me out and our kitchen isn’t the biggest, but it all came together with the help of Ben and my Mum, and we all had a lovely day together. I’m so pleased it all turned out well and I loved getting to spend some much needed time with my family.

So that’s my 2015 in a nutshell. Thinking back over these past 12 months to all the wonderful things that have happened has left me with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I hope 2015 has been good to you and I hope 2016 brings even greater things.

See you in the New Year!

highlights of twenty fifteen, 2015, year review, memories, thegirlinspired

Merry Christmas

merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired lunch dinner love

Just a quick little post to say Merry Christmas and thank you for following my little blog. I’m planning on making a few changes to it in the new year, so stay tuned for that… Hopefully you’ll like it!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year if you celebrate it. If not, I just hope you enjoy this time of year and that 2016 brings you closer to your dreams.

merry christmas tree decorations baubles white santa claus thegirlinspired


merry christmas cards decorations thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations baubles glass fairy lights thegirlinspired


merry christmas home decor decorations candle reindeer thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations baubles fairy lights thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations presents under the tree thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations baubles fairy lights thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations colourful baubles fairy lights thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired


merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired cat kitten


merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired carving turkey lunch dinner


merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired lunch dinner


merry christmas tree decorations family presents thegirlinspired lunch dinner

Christmas Wishlist

Obviously I’m not expecting to get all or even some of these things, but this is just what it currently on my wish list for Christmas, in case you are in need of inspiration 😉

I’ve been wanting to try Stila for ages and this set seems to be a good way to try a few different things at once. It comes with a deluxe sized mascara, one of their famous lip glazes along with 12 mostly neutral eyeshadows in varying finishes.
A couple of my friends have this and when I smelled it I thought it was the perfect home scent. It’s fresh, a tiny bit fruity, with a woody base and isn’t overpowering. I know some reed diffusers, even though they have a nice scent, can be so strong they become offensive. I don’t feel that way about this one, and I think this would just make my home smell lovely.

Tarte Lips For Daze LipSurgence Set – $34
Another brand that I have wanted to try for a while. In this set you get 3 matte and 2 satin lip tints in an array of shades to suit every occasion.

Origins Superstar Minis – £35
I picked up a little Origins set some time last year and loved everything in it. This kit includes the GinZing moisturiser and eye cream which were in that set, but this one also comes with High Potency Night-A-Mins, Checks and Balances, Modern Friction, Clear Improvement, and Make a Difference. I have high hopes that my skin would love all of these!

Neewer Ring Light – £69.99
Not something everyone is going to have on their wish list I’m sure, but I’d really like a ring light for filming videos. I currently have a light box but it takes up a lot of space in my small room, and this ring light can be attached to my tripod along with my camera, thus saving me space whilst still allowing me to film in less-than-ideal lighting situations!

A Girl’s Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk – £3.85
Lindsey Kelk is the author of my favourite books – the I Heart series. She’s back with a new Christmassy book based in New York, this time with Tess from the About A Girl series as the focus, although I’ve heard you may run into Angela and Jenny Lopez in those pages… I cannot wait to get my hands on this!

Lisa Angel Mainland UK Pendant – £14
I’d never heard of Lisa Angel until a friend bought me one of their necklaces for my birthday and I was hooked. They have so many lovely pieces of jewellery, a lot of unique pieces that I’ve not seen anywhere else, and the best part is it’s so affordable! I love dainty jewellery and this UK pendant is one that I definitely have my eye on.

I’m sure I could think of a few more things if I sat here for long enough, but these are just the first few things that came to mind.

What’s on your wish list this year?

Journal Prompt #2 – Musicïve_(song)

So far these journal prompt are not as easy as I thought they were going to be! I struggled to think of a situation that fit in with the Crossroads theme I blogged about last month (you can read that here), and this one is even harder! Here’s the prompt:

We all have songs that really mean something to us. Often just hearing it can take us right back to that place and we are able to re-experience the memory associated with the song. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way music has the ability to really draw things out of us and evoke deep emotion. Choose a song that has a particular meaning to you. Tell the story of the memory associated with the song, sharing as much detail as you can. Take us there; let us experience it with you.

Just over 9 years ago I set up a MySpace account, as was the done thing back then. I’d not long ended a relationship that hadn’t been right for a long while when out of the blue I had a message from a guy that was easily the most gorgeous man that had ever shown interest in me. I was smitten. I don’t know if any of you will remember this, but on your MySpace account you used to be able to choose a song to play whenever anyone visited your profile, and his was Naive by The Kooks.

Anyway, after a month of messages, both instant and text, we finally went on our first date. I was so nervous and shy having never really dated before, but we kept it pretty low key, just going to a quiet bar for a couple of drinks and to chat. At the end of the date he drove me home and gave me a sweet goodnight kiss. I was totally blissed out and walked back into my house with a huge grin on my face that I couldn’t shake.

A little later that night I got a text from him, telling me that he had driven home with The Kooks album blaring out, singing at the top of his lungs cause he had had such a good time and couldn’t wait for our next date. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that he felt the same way as I did in that moment.

Now, 9 years on, we’re still together (now engaged and living together!), and whenever I hear Naive it makes me smile and reminds me of that sweet beginning and all of the amazing things we’ve done together since.

What songs remind you of certain moments in your life?