summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body scrub powder

Summer Skincare ft Lush

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine

Every year I live in hope that we will actually get a decent summer, and most years I am left wanting, but I still keep dreaming! This year I was so hopeful for lovely, sunny weather that I picked up a few products from Lush that I thought would get my skin in tip top condition should the sun breakthrough the ever present clouds (and whaddya know, it’s actually ridiculously hot right now – the power of positive thinking!) And so, I present to you my Summer Skincare:

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – £6.95

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, face mask

I’ll start with the face. Oatifix is a fresh face mask that I hadn’t tried before as it’s aimed more towards those with drier skin types, but I decided to give it a go as my skin had been looking a little lack lustre. The oats provide a gentle exfoliation when you rinse off the mask, and the banana adds moisture. I was a little concerned that, being geared towards dry skin, it might make my already fairly oily face even oilier but I have experienced no such problem. It just left me with soft and smooth feeling, hydrated skin. It’s one that I would pick up again although, word of warning, it can be a little messy as the mask is surprisingly dry in consistency, so I’d recommend applying it either in the bath or over a sink.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – £16.50

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body conditioner

I couldn’t not mention this as it’s my favourite thing from my haul. Ro’s Argan is a body conditioner, so after washing you apply this to damp skin and then rinse off, much like a hair conditioner. It leaves me with the most incredibly soft, moisturised skin that doesn’t feel sticky or make me feel claustrophobic in the heat. Other body lotions I have used post-shower seem to just sit on the skin for ages and are a bit too much in the summer. Ro’s Argan is the perfect balance of lightness and moisture. It does leave a slight residue on your skin, but like I said it’s not sticky, it just takes a little while to fully absorb in which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple for longer. And did I mention the scent? A mix of rose jam and argan, slightly floral, slightly sweet but not overpowering. 100% yummy and it lingers too! I cannot get enough of this stuff, although I’m trying to ration myself as it’s not the cheapest product and I’m starting to run out! I should really just go and repurchase…

Pumice Power Foot Soap – £3.25

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, foot scrub

This is more of a scrub than a soap but it does lather up a little. Pumice Power has a gorgeous citrusy scent that just smells fresh and summery with a realistic orange kick. I usually use this on my feet, which is it’s intended purpose, but I have also used this on my arms when I’ve felt like I needed something a little stronger than a shower puff to exfoliate them. It is a harsher exfoliator, however the pumice is very fine – I would say if you have sensitive skin be careful when using this, otherwise you should be fine. Along with the exfoliating pumice and the soapiness, Pumice Power also contains rapeseed and coconut oils which soften and moisturise your feet beautifully, so it’s really an all-in-one product and I’ve loved using it.

Life’s A Beach Body Scrub Powder – £14.95

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body scrub powder

I picked this up because the scent sounded amazing and the idea of a loose powder exfoliator intrigued me. It’s scented with tonka, gardenia and vanilla, with sea salt and sand as the exfoliators and it all smells just like a really clean beach. Although the sea salt and sand that have been used in this are fine, it’s still quite abrasive and I have to be careful not to rub my skin raw. However that does make it fantastic for if you’ve got any particularly dry patches (such as feet, elbows etc) or need to fix a fake tan accident, as it sloughs it all away. The only downside is that it comes in a cardboard box, which doesn’t really mix well with the wet environment of a shower. I feel like Lush didn’t think that one through too well. I’d suggest perhaps decanting some into a smaller, water resistant container instead of taking the box into the shower with you and being left with a soggy mess.

They are my go to’s I’m using for my summer skincare this year and they are keeping my skin soft, supple and smooth. If you’ve got any favourite products you like to pull out at this time of year, let me know in the comments!

Lush Cinders Review

Cinders Lush Review Bath Bomb thegirlinspired

I couldn’t do a series of Lush reviews at this time of year and not include Cinders. For any of you that have seen any of my Lush holiday hauls you’ll know this is my all-time favourite Lush product. I’m sure some of you will think this is quite boring, or just plain don’t like it, but I love it and always have several (either bought myself – I’ve been known to have purchased 10 in one go in the past… – or gifted by lovely people who know how much I love it) at this time of year.

I’ll be honest, if you want a bath product that actually does something, this isn’t for you. It doesn’t leave your skin amazingly soft and moisturised or anything like that. I love this so much purely for the experience. Cinders is a bath bomb, so another one that you pop into your bath once it’s full and it fizzes up, changing the water into a cosy orange colour. This smells of cinnamon, clove and sweet orange oil, perfect for the festive season, and so warm and comforting on cold nights. Along with the warm colour of the bath and the yummy scent, this also has popping candy, which crackles and pops in the water, leaving you feeling like you’re wrapped up in a cocoon of cosiness.

Cinders Lush Review Bath Bomb thegirlinspired

That scent is to die for and I can never get enough of it. The past few years the scent has seemed a bit diluted, not as strong, and didn’t seem to crackle as much, but this year it is back to how I remember it being when I first discovered it – sweet, warm, and comforting with lots of crackles. This is the one thing I look for every year and hope Lush never discontinue it, I think I would cry if they did! It’s the perfect thing for a cold winters day and you’d better believe I’ll be grabbing more before they disappear for another year.

Available from Lush for £2.95

Lush The Magic Of Christmas Review

The Magic Of Christmas Lush Reusable Bubble Bar Review bath thegirlinspired

This one has snuck it’s way into my festive Lush reviews as it was given to me by a friend recently. The Magic Of Christmas is a reusable bubble bar, so it creates bubbles, as you might imagine, but rather than crumbling it under a running tap, you swish it through the water with the help of the handy stick it comes attached to.

The stick in this case is a cinnamon stick, which smells amazing. Combine that with the clove in the bar itself, and the cosy orangey colour it turns the water, and you have something that’s quite similar to Cinders – which if you haven’t guessed by now is my favourite thing from Lush and they’ll be a review of it up on Monday (saved the best til last)!
Because of the way these bars are formulated, once you’ve swished and swirled them around in your water, you can just pop them on the side of your tub to dry and be used again in another bath. My only issue with this one was that it didn’t really create many bubbles, so instead I held it under my running tap. I’m not sure if that’s a common problem with these, or if my particular bar was “defective”, but if you have the same issue you might want to try what I did.
The Magic Of Christmas Lush Reusable Bubble Bar Review bath thegirlinspired
Overall it was a lovely bath and I can’t get enough of that scent – Lush need to bring it out in shower gel form! Although it’s not quite as strongly scented as Cinders, you do get multiple baths out of it, so I’ll let it off. Plus it looks super cute and adds a little bit of fine gold glitter to your water, what more could you ask for?!
Available from Lush for £5.95

Lush Bar Humbug Review

Lush Bar Humbug Bubble Bar Review bath holiday christmas thegirlinspired

When I heard Lush had come out with their holiday selection I got online at the earliest possible opportunity and made a wish list of all the things I wanted to pick up. My wish list was a bit long in the end so I only ended up grabbing a select few but this one was at the top of my list (almost, nothing can replace Cinders in my heart!) The Comforter is one of my year-round favourites so when I saw Bar Humbug looked very similar with it’s swirly pattern, only purple and sparkly (!) I knew I had to have it.

All that being said, when I saw it in person I was a little bit disappointed. It still looks very pretty, all white and purple and silver glitter, but it’s so small compared to The Comforter! Of course the size is reflected in the price so it’s not all bad news, but I split this in half and used it in 2 baths whereas I feel like it would have been better all in one.

If you’re familiar with Lush’s bubble bars you could probably guess that this creates big, fluffy bubbles and turns the waters a pinky purple. The glitter is just an outer overly and doesn’t cover your tub in glitter so if that’s a concern don’t let that put you off. Bar Humbug contains bergamot, fennel and tarragon oils and Lush’s website describes it as having a liquorice scent. To me it smelled quite like their Dragons Egg bath bomb which smells like sherbet – maybe that’s just a weird association I’ve created thanks to the liquorice and sherbet sweets from my childhood?!

Lush Bar Humbug Bubble Bar Review bath holiday christmas thegirlinspired

Anywho, this bubble bar was much like Yog Nog in the sense that it was nice enough but not really all that special, and I won’t be running out to grab a few more before they leave the shelves in January. I’ll probably just stick with The Comforter.

Available from Lush for £3.65

Lush Shoot For The Stars Review

Lush Shoot for the Stars bath ballistic bomb review thegirlinspired

This is my favourite of Lush’s holiday bath products that I’ve tried so far this year. If you want to see my thoughts on everything else I’ve tried you can click to read my review of the Snow Angel Bath Melt, Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar, Yog Nog Bath Ballistic, and Needles and Pines Shower Jelly.

Onto Shoot For The Stars… This one is supposed to smell quite citrusy with Brazilian Orange and Bergamot oils, but to me it smells a bit like Lush’s Butterball for some reason. I could understand if I had been keeping this with a Butterball but I haven’t! Anyway, the scent is very nice and relaxing, soft and soothing.

What I love most about this bath bomb is what it does to my water. After you’ve run your bath and popped this in it takes its time to fizz out. Whilst it’s doing so, it covers the surface of your water with a milky froth and swirling colours of pink, blue, purple and yellow. It’s so pretty to watch but it doesn’t stop there. As the colourful swirls melt away the inky purple water is revealed and it is full of fine silver shimmer. It looks just like the night sky and is mesmerising.

Lush Shoot for the Stars bath ballistic bomb review thegirlinspired

The downside of this is that the bottom of your bath is left covered in that silver shimmer, but it’s nothing a quick rinse won’t fix and the upsides far outweigh the down in my opinion. This is one that I definitely want to use again.

Available at Lush for £3.65

Lush Shoot for the Stars bath ballistic bomb review thegirlinspired

Lush Needles & Pines Shower Jelly Review

Lush Needles and Pines Shower Jelly Review thegirlinspired, Lush Needles & Pines

It has been years since I last had a shower jelly from Lush. It’s such an odd concept to get your head around when you first use them – a body wash that is in the form of jelly, like the wibble wobble kind.  I had originally wanted to get Santa’s Belly but when I smelled it in store it just didn’t appeal to me, so instead I picked up Needles and Pines.

To use it you could just take the entire thing out of it’s tub and rub it over your skin but I find it doesn’t really lather up all that great when used that way. I prefer to take a shower puff (shower lily, loofah, whatever you like to call them), break off a small piece of the shower jelly and scrunch it into the wet puff. When I use it this way it lathers up 10 times better, and the puff acts as a manual exfoliator, leaving you squeaky clean and smooth.

Lush Needles and Pines Shower Jelly Review thegirlinspired, Lush Needles & Pines

Needles and Pines is a very accurate name for this product in my opinion. It has a fresh, pine tree smell, like fresh snow in the woods, and is definitely what I would call a unisex scent. Sometimes scents intended to be unisex can be just a touch too masculine, but this one is perfect and one that could easily be used year round.

Available from Lush for £3.75 (100ml)

Lush Yog Nog Review

Lush Yog Nog Bath Ballistic Bomb Review thegirlinspired

This is the least Christmassy bath of the one’s I’ve tried so far, so if you’re not into the all-out festivities, you might still be interested in Yog Nog (£3.95) To start off with, this is one of Lush’s bath ballistics. With these you just pop them into your bath once it’s full and watch them fizz up. Sometimes they fizz up quickly, but Yog Nog was slow to fizzle and had a couple of surprises for me…

The first surprise was that it turned my water a lime yellow colour – totally NOT what I was expecting! Given the yellow and white exterior I assumed this would add a diluted yellow hue to my water. The other surprise was that there were full on sticks of butter inside! Shea butter that is, not the regular kind you spread on toast obviously, but it did surprise me to find such big sticks of it. Usually when Lush have cocoa or shea butter in a product they are much, much smaller chunks which enables them to melt quickly into your water. The butter in this particular ballistic took quite a while to fully melt but my bath did become wonderfully moisturising, which I really needed – has anyone else’s skin become suddenly very dry?

Yog Nog has a lovely, subtle toffee scent that isn’t overly foodie, and a silvery lustre, which is my favourite kind of bath shimmer as you aren’t left covered in glitter! In general this is a nice bath, as long as the lime yellow water doesn’t put you off!

Lush Yog Nog Bath Ballistic Bomb Review thegirlinspired

Available from Lush

Lush Five Gold Rings Review

lush five gold rings holiday christmas review thegirlinspired

Five Gold Rings is the second of my Lush Holiday Product Reviews, you can see my first one on Snow Angel here. With this one you get five individual orange rings, covered in gold glitter and threaded onto a piece of orange string, all for £4.95. These are bubble bars, so you just need to break a ring off of the string and crumble it under running water to give you soft, fluffy bubbles and golden yellow water with gold glitter flecks floating throughout.

Five Gold Rings is scented with vanilla, tonka and gardenia, and due to the size of the rings it’s not an overpowering scent.  It actually smells a lot like the Vanilla Fountain ballistic Lush used to do, but softer.

Speaking of size, these rings are a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be. I wish they were ever-so-slightly bigger as they don’t quite give me enough bubbles for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, there’s enough to cover the surface of my bath, but I feel like if they were bigger, the bubbles would hang around for a bit longer before dissolving.

I do really like the format of these individual bubble bars as one product though. You could say I’m a lazy bather – if adding products into my bath involves too much work I tend not to bother, that’s why I’ve favoured the ballistics more recently! The fact that Five Gold Rings is already portioned out into individual baths just makes for easier use. Otherwise you have to either section them out yourself (which I’ve found sometimes requires the use of a knife and is just a bit too much hassle for me – like I said, lazy!), or you wind up having just one, more expensive, bath!

This wasn’t quite as moisturising as I would have liked but it was nice all the same and I probably would repurchase it if Lush comes out with it again next year, just because they are so easy to grab and go!

Available from Lush

lush five gold rings holiday christmas review thegirlinspired

Lush Snow Angel Review

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

Lush is one of my favourite things at this time of year. The weather gets colder, the evenings are darker, and all I want to do is lay back and relax in a nice warm Lush bath. If you saw my last haul over on my YouTube channel you’ll know I picked up a few of their holiday goodies, and I figured I would review each of them individually over here…

I’m starting off with Snow Angel as it’s the one my skin craved most. This is a bath melt, so for those of you that aren’t aware what that means, once you’ve run your bath you pop this into the water and it melts into the most silky, moisturising bath you could hope for. This one in particular contains Fair Trade cocoa butter to seriously soften and hydrate your skin, and a blend of cassie absolute, rose absolute and benzoin resinoid to subtly scent the water. This actually smells a lot like Lush’s Snowcake soap.

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

The bottom half of this melt is the buttery side which will transform your tub into a luxurious oil-bath, perfect for dry skin. The top half is more like a bath ballistic formula that fizzes up and creates a foamy froth on the top of the water. The top half also has the cute angel design whilst the bottom is covered in glitter, turning your bath into a glimmering haven.

This would be a good bath melt to have closer to Christmas time when you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed and frazzled, and just need a little “me time” with something inoffensive but pretty.

Available from Lush – £3.95

lush snow angel review bath melt thegirlinspired

Review: Lush Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan

I finally picked up Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll cleanser after hearing MissBudgetBeauty (who else?!) talking about how much she loved it for ages. I’ve tried their Herbalism cleanser (review here) which, once I’d figured out how to use it, I really liked. It’s been a while since I’ve tried anything like that and truth be told I haven’t wanted to stray from my beloved Hot Cloth Cleanser from Sanctuary, but just recently my skin has been playing up a little bit and isn’t quite as clear and smooth as I’d like. This cleanser contains cinnamon to give your skin a bit of pep, and maize flour, polenta and corn oil to smooth everything over and hydrate. 

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan
Although this is a self preserving product, it’s also a “fresh” cleanser meaning it has a shorter shelf life than your average. I’ve actually been keeping it in the fridge between uses as we’ve been having some rather hot weather lately and I want to try and prolong its life as I’m worried the heat will encourage bacteria growth. 

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan


To use this you just take a small chunk of it onto your fingers, mix in a small amount of water then massage onto your skin. I wouldn’t recommend using this over your eye area as its really quite scrubby, which I wasn’t expecting.  The slightly cinnamon, caramel scent lingers for a while after washing so just bear that in mind if you’re not keen on the smell. When I rinsed it off my skin felt soft and smooth and, much like the Herbalism cleanser, it feels like it’s left a residue behind. Initially, whilst I was still in the shower, this left me feeling like my face wasn’t properly clean however once I stepped out of the shower and dried off my skin felt clean, soft, smooth and comfortable albeit a little tender. If you have particularly sensitive skin you might want to give this one a miss as it is packed with exfoliants, for everyone else I would just say to be careful and to not scrub too hard.

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan
This is definitely more of an exfoliator than a cleanser so I won’t be using it to replace my Sanctuary cleanser, but all in all I really like it and will be adding it into my regular rotation. I’m not sure it will be a daily use product but perhaps every other day.

Available from Lush for £6.75