summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body scrub powder

Summer Skincare ft Lush

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine

Every year I live in hope that we will actually get a decent summer, and most years I am left wanting, but I still keep dreaming! This year I was so hopeful for lovely, sunny weather that I picked up a few products from Lush that I thought would get my skin in tip top condition should the sun breakthrough the ever present clouds (and whaddya know, it’s actually ridiculously hot right now – the power of positive thinking!) And so, I present to you my Summer Skincare:

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – £6.95

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, face mask

I’ll start with the face. Oatifix is a fresh face mask that I hadn’t tried before as it’s aimed more towards those with drier skin types, but I decided to give it a go as my skin had been looking a little lack lustre. The oats provide a gentle exfoliation when you rinse off the mask, and the banana adds moisture. I was a little concerned that, being geared towards dry skin, it might make my already fairly oily face even oilier but I have experienced no such problem. It just left me with soft and smooth feeling, hydrated skin. It’s one that I would pick up again although, word of warning, it can be a little messy as the mask is surprisingly dry in consistency, so I’d recommend applying it either in the bath or over a sink.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – £16.50

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body conditioner

I couldn’t not mention this as it’s my favourite thing from my haul. Ro’s Argan is a body conditioner, so after washing you apply this to damp skin and then rinse off, much like a hair conditioner. It leaves me with the most incredibly soft, moisturised skin that doesn’t feel sticky or make me feel claustrophobic in the heat. Other body lotions I have used post-shower seem to just sit on the skin for ages and are a bit too much in the summer. Ro’s Argan is the perfect balance of lightness and moisture. It does leave a slight residue on your skin, but like I said it’s not sticky, it just takes a little while to fully absorb in which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple for longer. And did I mention the scent? A mix of rose jam and argan, slightly floral, slightly sweet but not overpowering. 100% yummy and it lingers too! I cannot get enough of this stuff, although I’m trying to ration myself as it’s not the cheapest product and I’m starting to run out! I should really just go and repurchase…

Pumice Power Foot Soap – £3.25

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, foot scrub

This is more of a scrub than a soap but it does lather up a little. Pumice Power has a gorgeous citrusy scent that just smells fresh and summery with a realistic orange kick. I usually use this on my feet, which is it’s intended purpose, but I have also used this on my arms when I’ve felt like I needed something a little stronger than a shower puff to exfoliate them. It is a harsher exfoliator, however the pumice is very fine – I would say if you have sensitive skin be careful when using this, otherwise you should be fine. Along with the exfoliating pumice and the soapiness, Pumice Power also contains rapeseed and coconut oils which soften and moisturise your feet beautifully, so it’s really an all-in-one product and I’ve loved using it.

Life’s A Beach Body Scrub Powder – £14.95

summer skincare, lush, life a beach, dos organ, oatifix, pumice power, skincare, shower routine, body scrub powder

I picked this up because the scent sounded amazing and the idea of a loose powder exfoliator intrigued me. It’s scented with tonka, gardenia and vanilla, with sea salt and sand as the exfoliators and it all smells just like a really clean beach. Although the sea salt and sand that have been used in this are fine, it’s still quite abrasive and I have to be careful not to rub my skin raw. However that does make it fantastic for if you’ve got any particularly dry patches (such as feet, elbows etc) or need to fix a fake tan accident, as it sloughs it all away. The only downside is that it comes in a cardboard box, which doesn’t really mix well with the wet environment of a shower. I feel like Lush didn’t think that one through too well. I’d suggest perhaps decanting some into a smaller, water resistant container instead of taking the box into the shower with you and being left with a soggy mess.

They are my go to’s I’m using for my summer skincare this year and they are keeping my skin soft, supple and smooth. If you’ve got any favourite products you like to pull out at this time of year, let me know in the comments!

Lush Needles & Pines Shower Jelly Review

Lush Needles and Pines Shower Jelly Review thegirlinspired, Lush Needles & Pines

It has been years since I last had a shower jelly from Lush. It’s such an odd concept to get your head around when you first use them – a body wash that is in the form of jelly, like the wibble wobble kind.  I had originally wanted to get Santa’s Belly but when I smelled it in store it just didn’t appeal to me, so instead I picked up Needles and Pines.

To use it you could just take the entire thing out of it’s tub and rub it over your skin but I find it doesn’t really lather up all that great when used that way. I prefer to take a shower puff (shower lily, loofah, whatever you like to call them), break off a small piece of the shower jelly and scrunch it into the wet puff. When I use it this way it lathers up 10 times better, and the puff acts as a manual exfoliator, leaving you squeaky clean and smooth.

Lush Needles and Pines Shower Jelly Review thegirlinspired, Lush Needles & Pines

Needles and Pines is a very accurate name for this product in my opinion. It has a fresh, pine tree smell, like fresh snow in the woods, and is definitely what I would call a unisex scent. Sometimes scents intended to be unisex can be just a touch too masculine, but this one is perfect and one that could easily be used year round.

Available from Lush for £3.75 (100ml)

Review: Possibility No Fuss Pot Peppermint Ice Cream Cleansing Face Mask

Possibility No Fuss Pot Peppermint Ice Cream Cleansing Face Mask thegirlinspired skincare

Boy is that a long name! My friend got me this face mask for my birthday and I hadn’t gotten around to using it until the other day when my face suddenly started breaking out. My skin has been fine for ages but all of a sudden I had spots popping up on my chin, nose, forehead, all over the place! I was going to use my Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask but decided to give this a try instead.

The first thing I noticed was the scent – this does not smell like peppermint ice cream, it smells like peppermint toothpaste. That doesn’t overly bother me but the scent does stick around the whole time the mask is on your face, so just something to note. The next thing I noticed was the texture, this is like your typical clay mask – very thick but creamy to apply and it sets within minutes to the point you lose all ability to make facial expressions. One thing that really surprised me with this was the fact it really made my skin tingle. Products don’t tend to give me a tingly feeling, especially ones as low budget as this but I like it, I feel like it’s really getting in there and doing something.

The packaging says to apply this to clean, dry skin and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off. I did just that, with the help of a muslin cloth, and was left with very clean feeling skin. My face felt a little bit tight but not uncomfortably so, and my pores looked a lot less noticeable. Whether or not this is doing anything good deep down I don’t know, but it feels like it is, and isn’t that a big part of it?

Possibility No Fuss Pot Peppermint Ice Cream Cleansing Face Mask thegirlinspired skincare

You get 30g worth of product in this pot and for some reason I thought I was going to use at least half of it up with one use, but I barely used a quarter of it. It’s such good value for money where the quantity is concerned, however the “lid” to this pot is of the peel-back foil variety, so no way of sealing this back up for use at a later date. That’s the one big downfall with this mask. I think the idea of having it in a little pot is sweet, but it either needs to come in a “one use” size or have some way of being sealed back up, otherwise your leftover product is just going to dry out before you have a chance to use it all up.

Possibility No Fuss Pot Peppermint Ice Cream Cleansing Face Mask thegirlinspired skincare

I’ve found this on Fragrance Direct for 99p, so if you do end up having to throw some of it out because it’s dried out it’s not the end of the world. However, if you did want to make sure you used up every last drop it might be fun to have a couple of friends round for a girly night in and all use this face mask. Just an idea!

Review: Sanctuary Stop The Clock Moisturiser

sanctuary stop the clock moisturiser anti-age skincare review

I had already written this review and had it saved as a draft, just waiting to add the pictures in before publishing… and then blogger decided to go and delete it 😐 I googled ways to get it back but apparently there are none unless it was an already scheduled post, and I was in such a bad mood because of it that I’ve struggled to re-write this review. You know when you’ve already written something and you know it was really good and you now can’t remember exactly what you said and know this version won’t be quite as good? Yeah, that’s what I’ve been struggling with which is why it’s taken me ages to sit down and write this review again!

Anyway, rant over, let’s stop procrastinating and actually do this shall we?!

You may remember a few months ago I posted a Skincare Wishlist. Well I ended up picking up a couple of things from that list and this is one of them. It’s made it’s way into my daily rotation so I figured it was worth telling you guys about in case you are in the market for something like this.

This is a daytime moisturiser and as such it contains an SPF of 15. This has come in really handy given the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having lately, but this will work equally great when Autumn rolls around and the colder weather picks up again. Just because there are clouds in the sky does not mean you don’t need protection from the suns rays!

sanctuary stop the clock moisturiser anti-age skincare review

Seaweed, royal jelly, shea butter, jojoba and honey all combine to help plump and firm the skin, as well as prevent and reduce the signs of ageing. I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it really does feel like it’s plumping up my skin as I apply it, and although it feels luxurious to apply, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. This moisturiser sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, so you’re not having to wait around ages before you can apply your makeup of a morning.

sanctuary stop the clock moisturiser anti-age skincare review

The packaging itself is glass and has a weighty feel to it, which adds to the illusion that you have in your hands a higher end product than the price point would have you believe. Like I said, I’ve been using this for the past couple of months and have barely made a dent in it. You need such a small amount to cover your face, which is great as it means this will be sticking around for quite some time before I need to repurchase – and believe me I will be repurchasing!

Available at Boots for £15.50

Review: Lush Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan

I finally picked up Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll cleanser after hearing MissBudgetBeauty (who else?!) talking about how much she loved it for ages. I’ve tried their Herbalism cleanser (review here) which, once I’d figured out how to use it, I really liked. It’s been a while since I’ve tried anything like that and truth be told I haven’t wanted to stray from my beloved Hot Cloth Cleanser from Sanctuary, but just recently my skin has been playing up a little bit and isn’t quite as clear and smooth as I’d like. This cleanser contains cinnamon to give your skin a bit of pep, and maize flour, polenta and corn oil to smooth everything over and hydrate. 

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan
Although this is a self preserving product, it’s also a “fresh” cleanser meaning it has a shorter shelf life than your average. I’ve actually been keeping it in the fridge between uses as we’ve been having some rather hot weather lately and I want to try and prolong its life as I’m worried the heat will encourage bacteria growth. 

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan


To use this you just take a small chunk of it onto your fingers, mix in a small amount of water then massage onto your skin. I wouldn’t recommend using this over your eye area as its really quite scrubby, which I wasn’t expecting.  The slightly cinnamon, caramel scent lingers for a while after washing so just bear that in mind if you’re not keen on the smell. When I rinsed it off my skin felt soft and smooth and, much like the Herbalism cleanser, it feels like it’s left a residue behind. Initially, whilst I was still in the shower, this left me feeling like my face wasn’t properly clean however once I stepped out of the shower and dried off my skin felt clean, soft, smooth and comfortable albeit a little tender. If you have particularly sensitive skin you might want to give this one a miss as it is packed with exfoliants, for everyone else I would just say to be careful and to not scrub too hard.

Lush let the good times roll cleanser review skincare thegirlinspired vegan
This is definitely more of an exfoliator than a cleanser so I won’t be using it to replace my Sanctuary cleanser, but all in all I really like it and will be adding it into my regular rotation. I’m not sure it will be a daily use product but perhaps every other day.

Available from Lush for £6.75

If I Wasn’t On A Spending Ban…

If you aren’t subscribed to my beauty/lifestyle YouTube channel you may not know that I am currently undertaking a Project 10 Pan, which means I am on a spending ban for the time being. I only have a week left of my Project and with my 30th birthday looming I am dying to buy some new beauty bits and pieces. Here’s a few things that I wish I could go out and buy right now:


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea (£12) – interesting idea and I wouldn’t mind trying this out

Also like the sound of the Eau de Cologne too.. (£19) The Body Shop currently have 40% off – if you were thinking of picking something up, now’s the time!

Sanctuary Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish (£12) – I heard MissBudgetBeauty talk about this in her recent empties saying how she suffers with bumpy, less-than-perfect skin on her arms, chest and back. I struggle with that too and since she raved about how great this was I want to see if it’ll work for me too.

Lush! Pretty much any bath products and I haven’t absolutely none!!

Benefit Roller Lash mascara (£19.50) – the only Benefit mascara I’ve tried is Bad Gal and I wasn’t a fan so I’d like to give them another go and try out this new one.

What have you guys been lusting after lately?

Review: Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, review, thegirlinspired, skincare, miracle sleeping cream

This Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream was one of the full sized products in this months’ My Little Beauty box. I’ve been using it every night for the past week so I thought I would let you in on my impressions so far.

From the get-go I thought the idea of this being a cream that works whilst you’re sleeping was very gimmicky. Why would it not work just the same during the daytime? But none-the-less I decided to give it a go rather than losing it in my ever-expanding beauty shelves. It has a very strange consistency, not like anything I have ever tried before. When they describe it as bouncy in the advert they are not lying! It has a fullness to it kind of like Elmlea Double Cream if that makes any kind of sense!

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, review, thegirlinspired, skincare, miracle sleeping cream
Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, review, thegirlinspired, skincare, miracle sleeping cream

You would think from the consistency that it would be very thick but surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. You don’t need to use much of this at a time so this little pot will last absolutely ages. Although it doesn’t feel greasy as such, it does leave a little bit of a filmy residue on my skin, but by morning it seems to have been completely absorbed.

The claim is that this Miracle Sleeping Cream will rehydrate your skin, smooth and reduce wrinkles, firm up the skin and leave you looking radiant. It also claims to stimulate cell renewal, thanks to a 7 ingredient anti-ageing complex, giving you a fresher, firmer looking complexion. From the moment I first applied it my skin felt better. It smoothed over my face, felt like it was really hydrating my skin and my face looked a little brighter too. It doesn’t feel like it’s clogging up my pores and, like I said, it seems to get completely absorbed overnight so I’m not waking up with a really greasy face in the morning. In fact, my face is less oily than it normally would be.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, review, thegirlinspired, skincare, miracle sleeping cream


Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream, review, thegirlinspired, skincare, miracle sleeping cream

For me I don’t think the effects are “wow” amazing, but I definitely think I somehow look more rested, and my skin looks a little plumper and hydrated. It hasn’t broken me out and on the whole I really like this and will continue to use it at night. I haven’t yet experimented with using it during the day. I would say it’s not going to be ideal if you plan on wearing makeup just because it does leave that residue. But if you have days when you’re just chilling out at home, going makeup free maybe give this a go then. At the very least your skin will feel a lot more comfortable – and this is coming from someone who has oily skin, so you drier faced gals will no doubt love this.

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think?

*Available at Boots for £12.99

Review: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

I’m not going to lie, when I picked this up I actually meant to pick something different up. MissBudgetBeauty had recommended a glycolic mask from Superdrug and in my eagerness I forgot to check the exact name. I didn’t realise until a couple of days later that I had picked up the wrong mask, and because I’m so lazy I couldn’t be bothered to take this one back!

To begin with I was a little put off by the fact that it’s such a small tube. It costs £5.99 and you only get 30ml of product, but I’ve been wanting to try out a glycolic treatment for a while so figured I would give it a go anyway (for reference, the one MissBudgetBeauty recommended was the Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel which is £6.99 for 50ml).

Anyway, I tried this one out for the first time the other week and I actually really like it. You only need a pea sized amount of this gel formula, so although you don’t get a lot of product for your money, it goes a long way. The idea is to spread this over your face after cleansing and leave it on overnight. When you wash it off in the morning you should be left with smoother, more radiant skin.

The gel sinks into your skin and dries really fast so you don’t have to worry about getting this all over your pillow. It didn’t really feel like I had anything on my face, and didn’t sting or irritate me at all. The next morning I washed it off as instructed and my skin felt so smooth and soft, I couldn’t believe it! This also seemed to tighten my skin as I didn’t notice as many fine lines as normal. I’ll have to continue using it to see if it really helps to even out my skin tone but so far I’m impressed. It’s such an easy treat for your skin, no mess no fuss, and like I said, the tube will last a long time given how little you need to use each time.

Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other glycolic products you think I should try out.

Available at Superdrug

Skincare Wishlist

Skincare Wishlist

With turning 30 this year and starting to entertain the idea of maybe having kids one day (I’m still not quite ready yet), I’ve started looking more into taking care of my body with the hopes of delaying the onset of wrinkles and preventing potential stretch marks. Along with generally trying to eat healthier and be more active, which I’ll talk about more in another post, I’ve been researching all the different lotions and potions out there that claim to plump up your skin, hydrate it and slow down the ageing process. Here’s my current wish list of products I’d like to try:

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel £5.99
I heard MissBudgetBeauty mention how great glycolic masks are and I always rate her opinion so I want to give this one a try. It’s supposed to even out your skin tone and boost your skins radiance – two things I definitely need help with! I want that post-exercise glow, but my skin currently looks as dull as porridge. I haven’t tried a peel off mask since my teen years and I’ve never used a mask overnight so hopefully it won’t turn into a disaster with me getting the mask all over my pillow and in my hair!

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

Sanctuary Stop The Clock Moisturiser £15.50
This day cream boasts an SPF 15 as well as antioxidants to protect your skin from the suns damaging rays (yes, even during the miserable, cloudy winter months the sun can still cause wrinkles). It has lots of moisturising ingredients like shea butter and honey for a hit of hydration, and also contains collagen to plump up your skin and keep it looking youthful.

Sanctuary Stop The Clock Moisturiser

Sanctuary Lift & Brighten Eye Complex £13
The delicate skin under the eyes is where I am already starting to notice some fine lines so I figure a good eye cream is worth adding into my daily routine. This one is said to boost oxygen to this area improving the look of dark circles and puffiness as well as making the area appear lifted, smoother and brighter. It also has a nifty little rubbery spatula which you use to apply the product, making it even gentler on those under eyes. Perfect!

Sanctuary Lift & Brighten Eye Complex

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 £34.50
A bit pricier than some of the other products I’ve been looking at but I think it’s worth paying that extra bit when it comes to serums. This one has 10 years of research behind it and claims to boost your skins natural renewal of collagen fibres leaving you with firmer, velvety smooth skin.

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF 30 £14.50
I don’t know about you but I never use those No7 vouchers they give you when you shop in Boots. I figure this may be a way of putting them to good use. This facial SPF not only protects the skin against the sun, but also prevents dark spots and hyper pigmentation, aaand tackles existing deep lines and wrinkles. What more could you ask for?!

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF 30

Rituals Wei Wang Mild Exfoliating Body Cream £14.50
I’ve used this before and it’s amazingly scrubby, it feels like it’s polishing your body rather than scratching it. It has a creamy base shot through with superfine bamboo to slough off dead skin and leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

Rituals Wei Wang Mild Exfoliating Body Cream

Sanctuary Mum To Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter £10.25
I know I seem to be jumping the gun on this one as I’m not even planning to get pregnant yet, however.. I have been suffering more and more with dry, tight skin on my body as I’m really bad at remembering to moisturise on any kind of consistent basis. I know some mothers don’t suffer with stretch marks but since I already have some I’m guessing it’s a pretty safe bet that I will get them unless I do something to try and prevent them. I like the sound of the collagen boosting properties of this body butter and it’s had great reviews so I figure what’s the harm in starting to prepare my body for pregnancy now…

Sanctuary Mum To Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter

I seem to be favouring Sanctuary products at the moment. They are a great drugstore brand at a reasonable price, especially if you get them on one of their Buy 2 Get One Free or Third Off offers that they often have so I may have to pick some of these up…

Let me know if you have tried any of them and what you thought, or if you have any recommendations please post those in the comments too!

Review: Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Cleanser

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Facial Cleanser Review thegirlinspired skin care
An oldie but a goodie. This is one of those products that I won’t use for a while but when I decide to try it again I fall in love with it all over again. Technically this is a facial cleanser but I use it as more of a mask (I got that little trick from MissBudgetBeauty). 

Obviously it still works as a cleanser, it just doesn’t seem to do anything special, and for something you are going to be popping on for a few seconds and then washing it down the drain I think £8 is a bit steep. However…. leave this little beaut on for a few minutes and it’s much more worth the money (and it lasts longer too!)

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Facial Cleanser Review thegirlinspired skin care

You’ll want to experiment with how long you leave this on as the fruit extracts are very active and this can irritate some people’s skin. Just as a warning: when I left this on for a couple of minutes the first time I used this it did tingle quite strongly and left my face rather pink, but the more times I use this the less that happens. Like I said, experiment and see what works for you. 

I’ll usually apply Peaches & Clean to dry skin and then hop in the shower, wash my body, do anything else I need to and then rinse this off. This leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth, almost like it’s taken off the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving behind baby soft, new skin. The scent is lovely – a fruity mint, and the consistency is a thin creamy cleanser. This doesn’t foam up at all so it doesn’t strip your skin and you only need one pump per mask. Just apply like you would a cleanser (avoiding the eyes!) leave for a few minutes and then rinse off. Tah-dah! Lovely, fresh, smooth skin!

Available at Boots